Morrissey on Janice Long (June 15, 2011) - reminder / reports


Like i'm going to forget. I've been counting the seconds!
BALLS!!! I have to tend bar until 2 in the morning... I gues I'll have to settle for listening to them in the small hours. I can't wait!
Is this streaming live or just available for everyone midnight (If not, anybody have any idea what that would be in Chicago time?)
First take at Action Is My Middle Name lyrics... help me out, I missed most of the second verse....

I'm biting my ???
into your neck
you are my possession
you don't realize yet

I'm moving too fast for you
am I beginning to confuse you

Action is My Middle Name
i can't waste time anymore
everybody has a date w an undertaker
a date that they cannot break


we've only just begun

Repeat chorus

am i moving too fast?
am I moving too fast?

repeat chorus 2x

da da da da da
Loved Action is my Middle Name. Sort of reminded me a little of it's Not Your Birthday Anymore. Lolled at the ine 'everyone has a date with an undertaker/a date that they can't break' song about ... Sex!
Oh HOW does the BBC not notice that Janice long is drunk and fire her? She is Pissed.It's SO OBVIOUS.
Voice sounds rough on THE KID'S A LOOKER.

Doesn't bode terribly well for the tour...
the kid's a looker:

sped up "sing your life", with "I like you" robot sounds with a gong at the end. Fast song. Pretty okay.
Now Janice is talking about her nose bleed. WTF?! and Morrissey gave her something to stop the bleeding but now she has a scab. Attractive!
People are the same everywhere =
heir apparent
world is full of crashing bores
satan rejected my soul

Janice said he has wearing all white and they talked about the quiet couch on the train.
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