Morrissey on Graham Norton tonight - Mando Instagram (Oct. 5, 2017)

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By unloveable on Oct 5, 2017 at 6:13 PM
  1. unloveable

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    Jun 1, 2000
    UPDATE Oct. 6:

    An anonymous person posted:

    Mando already said that they will be on air on the 27th. This should be episode 5.

    as posted by Mando Lopez they will be in Graham Norton tonight.

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    1. Tbevie
      Brilliant. It's great that he's making more of an effort this time around.
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    2. Anonymous
      Liam Gallagher is listed as the musical guest. Must have pulled out?
    3. Tbevie
      I would expect more of the same kind of innuendo on the show ;)
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    4. Anonymous
      Let's hope they have a spare 4kin wheel on the bus this time then.:rolleyes:
      Still performing in the UK :eek:

      #get back to L A Steve

      Benny-the-British-Butcher :greatbritain::knife:
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    5. Cornflakes
      Think it must be tomorrow night. They are not scheduled, but presumably a last-minute replacement for Liam Gallagher.

      For those not familiar with the show, it's arguably the best TV exposure you can get in the UK for music aimed at adults. It's what he should have done last time round. And he should do an interview. GN is not an at all aggressive interviewer.

      ETA: On reflection, he should maybe or maybe not do the interview, depending on how much of a dick he feels like he is at the time.
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    6. Tbevie
      Yeah I think they usually record these types of shows the day before.
    7. Tbevie
      Morrissey's been on a couple his shows over the years and Graham's always look quite excited to have him on.

      I'm not sure about an interview though. I can just imagine Graham getting the naked vinyl picture out to dissect.
    8. Anonymous
      It's comfirmed by Mando to be on the 27th they are pre recording check the comments on instagram
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    9. Cornflakes
      In promotional terms, an interview/performance combo is worth so much more than just the performance. Provided Morrissey doesn't think it's a good idea to embarrass himself for headlines. I don't think it's a show where they will spring any surprises on him.
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    10. Anonymous
      VERY GOOD NEWS!! please MOZ, no PUNCTURE PLEASE!! so we have a good chart number!!
    11. DrStatham
      I take it it's recorded ahead of time, because the show is scheduled for tomorrow.
    12. URBANUS
      Doubt the tv and radio companies would dare to broadcast him live cause the frogs tend to jump out his mouth whenever he opens it these days.
    13. Tbevie
      Ok thanks. I didn't realise they recorded so much in advance.
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    14. bedlam breakout
      bedlam breakout
      not watched graham Norton in years - total shite, stand in for liam Gallagher just about sums it up this week- what a disaster
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    15. Anonymous
      It would be car crash if Morrissey was an interview guest on this show. It's very highly staged and quite cheesy. Guests try to out do each other, and the over animated Norton, like spoilt kids begging for attention. It's pretty fake.
    16. gordyboy9
      think bmg have said they will provide the tv spots but you have to turn up,think Morrissey now realises you have to play the game whether you like it or not,its all about getting yourself out there,people are now cemented to their settee,graham nortons show is a good way to get a catchy song into the public lugs.
    17. gordyboy9
      when you think of the difference in guests with Norton and ross,its like night and day,graham Norton has a listers and ross has the guests that Norton would turn down due to them being z list keech.
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    18. Famous when dead
      Famous when dead
      FYI, the music guest on Norton seldom is a guest on 'the couch' - they simply pop up at the end and sing. Prepare yourself for another potential performance of Spent...
      As he's clearly in London for a while, if he could hang around and tape a Ross show - then the potential for an interview would go up.
      Just my 2 cents,
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    19. Anonymous
      He won't do an interview, as he'd have to share the couch with other celebs who he can't stand. A solo interview with Jonathan Ross is more likely - though I think Morrissey has pretty much banned himself from live interviews due to past form.
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