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We supported Morrissey on the Maladjusted worldwide tour in 1997, here's a video of one of our songs called Baby's on Fire with some footage from that tour:

Morrissey was always really supportive of the band & even commented on the positive reaction we got from the crowds especially in the USA, supporting
Mozza could be a tough gig as some bands before us had found out...

Here's an interview with Morrissey by the Melody Maker from that time, where he talks about us & some other UK bands like Blur & Oasis, this was only a decade afer the Smiths split & there seemed to be an attitude in the Uk music press, mainly NME & MM to "get Morrissey" or as he put it so succinctly - to make up stories about him to "prop up their dwindling circulation". Both are now defunct (the NME is online only), in those days they were king & could make or break any 1 of the many bands around at the time ..

Morrissey on:

Full Interview:

Famous when dead

The archive here leads to an audio interview with Harrold - still working.
He discusses touring with Morrissey amongst other things:

I believe I saw them at the Chester gig a very long time ago :)
Their website is worth a rummage.
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