Morrissey on "El Informante" (Nov. 12, 2015) - reminder / reports

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By davidt on Nov 12, 2015 at 11:01 PM
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    Morrissey on "El Informante" Chile - reminder / reports

    Posted on the Morrissey Official Facebook page:

    ¡Chile! Morrissey estará presentándose esta noche a las 22:30 horas, en “El Informante, de TVN!
    Chile! Morrissey will be performing tonight on TVN's show “El Informante”, 10:30!

    Video available. Somehow still alive posted:

    All 3 songs here:

    Morrissey cautivó en El Informante - TVN

    From @jumastorga / Instagram. Link posted by tyronepowebottom.

    Con #Morrissey, antes del comienzo de @elinformantetvn


    YouTube video links posted by countthree:

    "The Bullfighter Dies"


    "World Peace Is None Of Your Business"

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Discussion in 'General Discussion archive 2015 (read-only)' started by davidt, Nov 12, 2015.

    1. tyronepowebottom
    2. countthree
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    3. Harsh Truth
      Harsh Truth
      Can the good people of Chile procure WPINOYB if they wanted to, after watching this? Serious question.

      I'm just not following the logic of continuing to flog an 18 month-old album that cannot be bought. At least in theory - I know there are copies out there.
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    4. Anonymous
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    5. tyronepowebottom
      i lol'd !!! El informante has really low ratings and today it had the lowest ratings amonst the competition (i know this because i'm chilean). It was trending topic in Chile tho, so i guess that¿s something???????
    6. Anonymous
      i thought he was doing 3 songs for el informante.
      he seem to have put on some weight since quito. one hour show followed by a week in the luxury hotel is not good for the waistline.
      that was a very powerful rendition of a very powerful song. you are gaga in malaga when you get told the bullfighter is dead.
    7. Anonymous
      I don't know what you're talking about. I just bought World Peace at HMV a month ago.
    8. marred
      Yeah I don't know what he or she was talking about either. It's available in plenty of places all over the internet on vinyl and CD.
    9. Somehow still alive
    10. nobody's_nothing
      I hope more footage is posted if any is available, I was really hoping to see him perform World Peace Is None of Your Business. However, hopefully they didn't record Speedway, why must he ruin a good song on tour? I still love you, Moz. Only slightly less than I use to because you didn't play World Peace
    11. countthree

      Yes, it's a typo. It happens...
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    12. Guernie
      Very nice work Morrissey ! The 3 songs selected were just beautiful . Always have loved Speedway and really don't understand why Harsh Truth would kick on Moz for 2 songs from the current album. He is very proud of his present project (I love it ), the band plays it so well AND it lets Gustavo sing in Spanish ...... and Chile speaks it .
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    13. Anonymous
      Yes! This was a really great performance.
    14. Anonymous
      Comb over to my house
      Comb on and do something new

    15. countthree
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    16. bhops
      Thanks for sending that link, all the songs sounded powerful and Morrissey's voice A+

      On a side note he needs to get that fucken hair sorted out pronto, right now it looks like someone has blown it up with a bicycle pump. Either shave what's left or go the Gary Oldman route and get one of those ultra realistic Hollywood hair jobs.
    17. Ketamine Sun
      Ketamine Sun
      typo there Benny. Man you're slipping.
    18. Harsh Truth
      Harsh Truth
      I'm a he. And in my post I wrote "At least in theory - I know there are copies out there." Having bought the album upon release, I haven't made a habit of checking on it's general worldwide availability now that it's been deleted from the Harvest/Capital catalog.

      I'm glad you're keeping up with that important work, though.
    19. mcrickson
      All quite strong performances, and his voice was in great form.

      I was a quarter of the way through "Speedway" and wondered if they'd do the switch for a TV performance. Personally I think it was kind of ballsy that they did, and the actual movement between instruments was less boring than I thought it'd be when visible. It really didn't create an unsightly gap in the performance for me. Boz's drumming is still not quite there.

      My only complaint is, Boz really should be on acoustic guitar for WPINOYB instead of Qchord. I thought it was just live recordings making it sound like he bought the cheapest one on the market, but the sound of the instrument really craps on the song. If he were playing acoustic guitar, it would really be the glue that holds everything together for performing that song live.

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