Morrissey on "Alan Carr: Chatty Man" (Oct. 2, 2015) - reminder / reports

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By Kewpie on Oct 2, 2015 at 5:23 PM
  1. Kewpie

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    Jun 15, 2006
    Look forward to watch it tonight!

    According to, Morrissey is wearing Dolce & Gabbana shirt.

    From @chattyman / Twitter:

    Look who's FINALLY on @chattyman tomorrow 10pm @Channel4!! Yup, it's the legendary #Morrissey! Sam x #KissMeALot


    Post by Detritus (original post):

    It was confirmed by the official Chatty Man Twitter page that Morrissey's performance was pre-recorded, presumably while the band were still in England.

    UPDATE 8:15 PM PT:

    Video link posted by docinwestchester:

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Discussion in 'General Discussion archive 2015 (read-only)' started by Kewpie, Oct 2, 2015.

    1. Surface
      Thats a very interesting post. The thing non of us know is - what does he want out of life? I had a couple of friends saying to me at a party tonight - did you see Morrissey last night on Alan Carr, christ he was good. If he channeled his energy into people like that, he could resurrect his career, instead he chooses the victim approach.

      By the way, New Orders first album in 10 years charted at no 2
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    2. Anonymous
      to care about something doesnt mean to care about it to the nth degree. i care about eating candy enough to walk to the store and say yummy i like it when i eat and wish i had more when its gone, doesnt mean i care all that much or more than other things.
    3. AztecCamera
      Will Morrissey not be this guy's friend because he is from the UK like he is friends with that old owl looking American interviewer guy? Anonymous-
    4. King Leer
      King Leer
      Good performance of this track, but sadly have to agree that it's being pushed too hard as the little single that could.
      Would make a good b-side to something with more staying power.

      I liked World Peace plenty and think the current band is solid. Morrissey's place in pop music history is already legend. There will be kids watching his videos and listening to the songs 30, 50, 100 years from now and crushed that they weren't alive when it all happened.

      For the here and now, there's still time for a unforgettable swan song with the right creative partner(s). But who are they?
    5. Jake The Stripper
      Jake The Stripper
      More importantly, where could one find that amazing shirt? This was incredibly good.
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    6. Anonymous
      and what did it chart in the u.s., a somewhat large market and what did it sell in overall units. does it matter that it charted behind world peace in ireland and germany and in other countries. should they all be following the market stratigies of sam smith who was the only u.k artist to sell a million not long ago
    7. Surface
      Have no idea, just posted it charted at number 2 as number of people on this board also like New Order, take it you are not one of them, or are are you so far up Morrisseys arse that nothing else interests you?
    8. Anonymous
      if you were just trying to talk about new order then this is a weird thread, the morrissey chatty man thread, to do it in as theres a bunch in the other music section and not in the morrissey section dedicated to them where youve posted before. seems like youre trying to make some point. no im not a fan but im also not a hater. as reality bites pointed out somewhere else, in a thread about new order, its usually for fans of dance music which im not really into unless im dancing and dont know much about. od be more into electronic. i also love many other musical artists and post a bunch about them. i just posted two recently in the what albums are you listening to as well as in the what song are you listening to where i dont see you very often
    9. Anonymous
      So says you...Great performance and decent says I
    10. Ambra
      Thank you! Very nice performance and Moz looked great
    11. ACTON
      I love New Order, thanks for mentioning their chart position. I listened to their new album but need to give it another few listens before I comment on it.

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