Morrissey on "Alan Carr: Chatty Man" (Oct. 2, 2015) - reminder / reports

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By Kewpie on Oct 2, 2015 at 5:23 PM
  1. Kewpie

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    Jun 15, 2006
    Look forward to watch it tonight!

    According to, Morrissey is wearing Dolce & Gabbana shirt.

    From @chattyman / Twitter:

    Look who's FINALLY on @chattyman tomorrow 10pm @Channel4!! Yup, it's the legendary #Morrissey! Sam x #KissMeALot


    Post by Detritus (original post):

    It was confirmed by the official Chatty Man Twitter page that Morrissey's performance was pre-recorded, presumably while the band were still in England.

    UPDATE 8:15 PM PT:

    Video link posted by docinwestchester:

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Discussion in 'General Discussion archive 2015 (read-only)' started by Kewpie, Oct 2, 2015.

    1. Anonymous
      This gives the impression that you usually watch Chatty Man alone. Are you masturbating while you watch it alone? I bet you are. Your mind flits between images of Alan Carr, Morrissey, cheese and the 'post an anonymous comment' page of Morrissey-solo. Are you mastutrbating now? I bet you are. Stop masturbating.


      (Also; don't your wife and kids miss their father when you spend all day commenting on stories on a website for a singer you don't even like? They must feel so valued... STOP TOUCHING YOURSELF!!)
    2. ACTON
      At least Gollum was entertaining when his mind split in two. Your mental breakdown is just sad.
    3. NealCassidy
    4. Anonymous
      What are you talking about?
      Are you masturbating, too? Everyone's at it on here.
    5. NealCassidy
      43 mins

      - - - Updated - - -

      Ha, so obviously not recorded live. Almost CGI!
    6. MisguidedTrousers
      It's the same as eating a salad at McDonalds, or a veggie wrap at KFC. He is still supporting cruelty by spending money with D&G.
      How is that inane shite?
      Perhaps you think Morrissey should be exempt from such criticism? From ANY criticism?
    7. Poet
      well, shit, you used the word "vapid" so I guess that means you're right. why should we listen to our own ears, no, let's listen to the person who used the word "vapid" because I think you're much wiser than Morrissey and my ears. thank you, vapidly, for making a wonderful argument and now, I'm not going to like the song anymore.

      P.S. Are you stupid?
    8. docinwestchester
      Awful widescreen/letterbox combination:


      The channel4 link didn't work for me, but this should work worldwide:
    9. g23
      P.S. Are you stupid?[/QUOTE]

      Oh, incredibly. It's one of my many charms.
    10. Poet
      Now I feel bad. I like Morrissey fans, incredibly witty. Great response.
    11. Anonymous
      It's not inane at all. He did exactly the same thing a couple of years ago when he was wearing Angelo Galasso shirts on tour, who are famous for their fur products , Ostrich skin shirts and their terrible treatment of animals. I even remember an interview with Morrissey at the time where he said he loved their shirts but their treatment of animals left a lot to be desired or something along those lines, dig it up, sure it is around somewhere. So it is not even a case of not being aware. The words each time you BUY you support the process come to mind.

      Nobody is perfect but for someone so militant and quick to point the finger at others regarding treatment of animals the hypocrisy is a little absurd. Sure you might like the shirt, you might love it but you do you want it that bad to support a company that treats animals in such a disgusting way? I guess so.

      People need to face it, the Morrissey of 2015 is a very different man to the Morrissey of the 90's up to 2004 or so in every way from his attitude towards fans, his phone it in live shows and his way below average music and lyrics on the incredibly dull World Peace album.
    12. Tingle3
      Was it really not in front of an audience? Just after Alan does the intro there's an image of the band in the top left in front of the studio audience. Could have done that with trickery I suppose but that would seem unnecessary. Just wondering.
    13. Anonymous
      'Vapid' is an entirely appropriate word to describe this song (and no - I'm not the same poster who used it earlier). 'Kiss Me A Lot' only really works in the context of the album, as the happy yin to the miserable yang of 'Smiler With Knife'. As a duo examining both ups and downs of relationships, it just about works. On its own, the song is entirely empty-headed. It says nothing about anything, and is as vacuous as anything in the manufactured pop charts that Morrissey claims to despise. I think it might well be the most brainless single he's ever released, lyrically (even 'You're the One For Me, Fatty', which is as shallow as the kids end of a swimming pool, had the wit to be amusing). I don't know why he keeps hawking this song around. It's musically bland Moz-by-numbers, and with lyrics on a par with 'She loves you, yeah yeah yeah'. It's easy to see why this was originally earmarked as an extra track/B Side from the album sessions, and wasn't going to be on the album until a last-minute shuffle. What's baffling is why he thinks so highly of it.

      Still, nice shirt.
    14. Famous when dead
      Famous when dead
      'vapid' is in the eye of the beholder.
      Your implication is that there is a raft of less 'vapid' songs he should sing so you feel less aggrieved.
      The fact is: he writes and sings what he likes and people can 'opt in' after it is recorded.
      He has yet to appear bothered if people don't buy in to it.
      The criticism of WPINOYB may be valid, but do you think comments on here mean a damn to him?
      He truly doesn't care about critiques of his work - he makes some money either way.
      He will continue to disappoint the people here with such concrete entitlement issues as: 'he needs to do x' .... It will never happen.
      Look at the set list for 30 years as good evidence.
      People (despite the debates) will always need to come to terms with Moz...
      It will NEVER be the other way around.
    15. Anonymous
      I thought Morrissey looked great last night, good to see him rocking the specs again.

    16. Uncleskinny
      If money is the objective, then mission accomplished. Clearly that's not all that's important here. He keeps decrying a lack of chart success, a lack of record company. His recalcitrance is not exactly getting him where he wants to be, is it? Unless it's an advance at the expense of an idiotic publisher, then mission accomplished.

      All about the Benjamins, innit?
    17. Anonymous
      now the professional looking video makes sense. the chatty man entourage probably filmed it.
    18. MisguidedTrousers
      You put the argument across much better than I did. Thanks for that.
      It's the 'militant when it suits' aspect that got up my nose.
      I'm not having a pop at Moz for the sake of it either, on a slow news day the daily mail could turn this into much more than a couple of 'disappointed in you again' comments on Morrissey Solo. It's almost like he wants someone to challenge him on his choice of designer stage wear.
      And it was PETA that exposed most, if not all of the D&G cruelty issues anyway! Isn't Morrissey a PETA spokesman anymore?
    19. Famous when dead
      Famous when dead
      Interesting P.
      My point is simple - he could easily do 'crowd pleasing' sets that pack venues... He doesn't.
      He could easily write and make less "vapid" songs as asserted by Mr.Anon.. He doesn't.
      I think you need to detach what he says about charts (which are clearly redundant in this era anyway) and look at what he actually settles for!
      He makes a living "irregardless" (excuse the awful Americanism) of deals or not.
      Most of his recent activity is to moan about deals, yet tour... He truly doesn't care - he likes the whole victim culture. He thrives off it.
      Money isn't the objective - making a living is. Does he go over and above to earn - never. Does he do what is required to survive - yes. The moaning about deals and charting would happen if he had a number one album...
    20. Anonymous
      he doesnt care about the critique of his work? say the slightest e negative word about anything he says or does and you are immediately banished from the surroundings.
      i find the notion that if he wanted he could write crowd pleasing hits and shows faulty, and it shows he doehasnt have the faintest.

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