Morrissey Official YT/Twitter: Morning Starship live (footage not audio) in Toronto

Links to:

(From the 27th April at the Sony Centre).
Please note:
This isn't live audio - it's footage synced to the studio version.


For bringing back Jobriath this way, right now, my Moz, you are as cool as a garden cucumber.
isn't there the real live version from past April in Toronto?...would like to hear if Morrissey can come close to the single version...


found a version of this song on one of his Broadway shows, awesome...better as the album version, on' California Son'.
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Aye lads! Check out this live sync to a studio version!!!! Fookin’ TOP performance from the lads. ...and Melvis’ vocals are SPOT-ON.

Get a grip.
im sure the live version was pretty close to the studio version,its not a hard song to sing and there were no complaints on here at the time.
The live version sounds good in the youtube clips which is just another reason they should have used it. This is meant to advertize his live shows after all.
This is probably the most static looking Morrissey-crowd I've ever seen. Good video, nonetheless.
Close shots obviously filmed lipsynch in the afternoon before the show and mixed with other shots filmed during the show.

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