Morrissey Official YouTube: "Loneliness Remembers..." lyric video (4 September, 2019)

Ketamine Sun

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The song The Smiths didn’t get the chance to cover.

One of my least favorites from CS. Vocal is beautiful as always, but the musical direction doesn’t work for me, though I’m such a fan of the original which colors my opinion of course.

:lbf:I’ve always heard it as ‘we were the fire that lit the stars’ not storm. Oh well.
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I think it's shit.
Therefore it is shit.
The End.


Benny-the-British-Butcher :greatbritain::knife:


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It annoys me that I was asked rather insalubriously to turn this song down by that guy from the other stall. If I'd been a big butch bloke he wouldn't have said anything.
are you in the bathroom?!?!

Ketamine Sun

A Most Misunderstood Member
I was talking literally, Ketamine. I forgot we have birthdays. That's what made us laugh. He was saying 'you're not 50'. as though it was an accusation. I said 'I'm 50 and I always have been'. I'm protective of this new milestone.

Yes many illogical statements can be made while hanging out in bathroom stalls intoxicated.

As usual, we will do our solo-best to forgive you.
I have the roller vacuum cleaner salvaged from my Mother's attic to clean one room that has a carpet. Retro but pratical for a boxed room.

Anyway, I adore seeing footage from a past life.

The uncredited footage is, I believe, a section of a 1960's Chemstrand Corporation nylon carpet advert (made black and white for this video).

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