Morrissey Official FB/Twitter: "Over Hollywood this morning" (August 2, 2019)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Famous when dead, Aug 2, 2019.

By Famous when dead on Aug 2, 2019 at 5:25 PM
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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Famous when dead, Aug 2, 2019.

    1. Anonymous
      It took Pete McTwat 5 minutes to respond to this post. Imagine how fucked up your life must be if you sit at the laptop on a Friday afternoon, limp dick in hand, just waiting for someone to post something about a singer you profess to not like, but are clearly obsessed by.

      What a colossal twat.
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    2. Anonymous
      Flying more than twice as damaging to climate than previously thought, study finds
      The source of non-CO2 warming set to triple by 2050, according to researchers
      The trails left by planes in the sky have a more damaging effect on the climate than all the carbon dioxide ever emitted from their engines, a study has revealed.

      The tracks – called contrails – linger in the sky as ice clouds and trap heat in the Earth’s atmosphere...


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    3. Nathan Steggles
      Nathan Steggles
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    4. Stitch 15
      Stitch 15
      Love this. Wish I'd seen it live. :eyes:
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    5. wastelandofyourhead

      There Morrissey goes off to rewrite a song:

      Contrails in the sky Leave my words behind
    6. Anonymous
      The equivalent of buying your own star on the walk of fame. Desperado!
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    7. Anonymous
      The glaringly obvious clean up campaign of a tarnished image is gathering pace. Stultifying fame fucking diva Morrissey draws attention to himself with his narcissistic recent posts no doubt hoping his fans buy it. The emperors new clothes that surely only blinkered sycophants see as beautiful in 2019, racists too.
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    8. Mayfly
      People can be so extremely negative here.

      Sure, you may wonder whether it s a good idea for Morrissey to return to the Hollywood Bowl less than 2 years after his last appearance there. I can see that.

      My guess is that he wants an event in LA that matches his Broadway experience in NYC. The Hollywood Bowl seems like a prestigious place. Or should he instead do another residence at that place with the broken pipes from 2007 (forgot the name)?

      It may also be his last US gig for a while.
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    9. mcrickson
      Why do you think that - the bad press? I think as long as BMG is willing to put out his next album next year, then he'll still be able to get gigs in the US.
    10. Ketamine Sun
      Ketamine Sun

      A beautiful song, almost as beautiful as the man who wrote it.

      Gonna be an amazing tour !!!

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    11. A scanty bit of thing
      A scanty bit of thing
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    12. ThePoliticalRevolution
      Tell the management to turn the AC down. I'm cold.
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    13. Mayfly
      Well, I am not suggesting that his career in the US s over, but he has performed there every year since 2014, so you wonder if there isn't some saturation at some point. His last albums weren't that successful after all. And he has canceled quite a few gigs as well. Not sure how that s helping him.
      As for the bad press in the UK, not sure how much of that reaches the US.
    14. Hovis Lesley
      Hovis Lesley
      On the other hand, seeing this idiot drag his sorry carcass needlessly into the stocks, every other day, has a comic value which now supersedes the tragic dimensions.
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    15. Anonymous
      Yeah I wasn't going to buy a ticket until I saw this. Seriously how disillusioned are you?
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    16. AztecCamera
      I fek reckon what fucking foreign backwards places are you loonies from? "Sky writing" is as common in Moz Angeles as seeing The California Son eating a cinnabon and drinking an orange mocha frappucino at the Beverly Center. What is wrong with you jealous fucks. When will you delusional wackos accept that The California Son was born in the San Fernando Valley and not Mankchaster, Scot Land or wherever the fuck Mankchaster is. There is a reason why he calls himself THE CALIFORNIA SON!! mates inn n nn nnnn nnnn chipper curry cunt thick tit. Wake up.
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    17. Anonymous
      Chemtrails are spooky shit man.
    18. Anonymous
      Glad he saw it, that thing cost me a fortune
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    19. marred
      Someone sure does have no idea what a Nazi is.
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    20. Anonymous
      Is it someone who tells you off for being racist?

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