Morrissey Official facebook attacks 'fake news' - flag over Independent home

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By Anonymous on Apr 16, 2018 at 8:50 AM
  1. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Morrissey's management are doing their best Donald Trump impersonation in this latest post from his official Facebook page:

    Over the weekend, a merry prankster flew a new flag over Northcliffe House, the home of The Independent. A fed-up Moz fan perhaps at fake news? Either way we approve of the new logo! -Mgmt

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    1. 669
      The term "fake news" was coined immediately after Crooked Hillary lost the election. And it was coined by mainstream media idiots and all their dumb-dumb followers who couldn't understand why that scumbag didn't win.
      Predictably enough the term "fake news" was spun around and used against all those Hillary Clinton backers in the mainstream media, and it was easily done because they are all Fake Journalists pushing Fake News. Those Fake reporters, as WikiLeaks showed, were in collusion with Hillary while she rigged the Democrat primaries.
      So now this "Fake News" tag is very popular, and rightfully so. It's because the mainstream media is little but "Fake News". They are a disgrace to journalism. Pretty much the only reporter who is legit is Julian Assange, and guess what? He is stuck in an embassy in England and they cut off his internet and are denying him all visitors. That's how they roll in England. And the Fake News so-called journalists don't give a shit.

      Assange is the one journalist who was revealing TRUTH to the people, and England has him stuck in an embassy without internet or visitors. What a disgrace to freedom of the press and freedom of speech. Everyone in England should be ashamed of themselves that they sit idly by while a legit journalist, Assange, is being so abused and silenced.
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    2. ACTON
      Signing off as 'Mgmt' makes me think of Delbert Grady from The Shining, for some reason.

    3. Harsh Truth
      Harsh Truth
      Give it a rest, won't you?

      Though I suppose its nice to see that he still has Management.
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    4. E Scott
      E Scott
      Is he stalking the place
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    5. Anonymous
      Who do you reckon 'management' got to actually place the flag there? I would normally say Boz, but I'm not sure he could climb up there - maybe Lil' Sammy?
    6. Famous when dead
      Famous when dead
      There is no indication there's any 'management' active on Facebook.
      I believe we discussed the idea previously that using an ambiguous term nicely diffuses direct attribution to Morrissey and therefore gives 'him' scope to post things with less media furore.
      Coincidentally, the change from product advertisements to issued statements and random pics/posts all seem to relate to Sam's activity online.
      Do people seriously think BMG or any real management are involved? It was clearly Sam sharing links to recent statements (linking to both FB and 'Central'), as that's where I was getting my information from to post articles here.
      These appear on Morrissey Official:

      20180416_115522.jpg 20180416_115458.jpg
      Also on the SER run site:
      20180416_115023.jpg 20180416_115152.jpg

      Before today's 'Mgmt' post, the SER site changes images on the gallery:
      Which was posted on his photography Instagram indicating he's going to sell prints - coincidence?
      There are many incidences of SER being involved with posting on Official's FB.
      IMHO, this is the work of a couple of people at most who now have 2 places online to issue forth statements and pictures (not including one 'photography' instagram and 2 SER FB accounts to post similar).
      Anyway, that's my 2 cents, I sift through this type of stuff daily and don't think I'm too far from the 'truth' (whatever that means these days).
      Heartily waving my false flag,
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    7. E Scott
    8. Famous when dead
      Famous when dead
      The doting Nephew - Sam Esty Rayner.
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    9. Anonymous
      Another pointless piece of fodder from the Moz camp. Nobody actually gives a shit Morrissey. This only makes you look like an even more unhinged conspiracy theorist than you already are, if that is even possible. I really wish he would just shut up and stick to singing. By the way, what’s the latest on the policeman holding you at gunpoint in Rome a while back?
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    10. Peppermint
      Be serious. The flagpole would snap.
    11. Peppermint
      I think you're bang on, FWD. Firstly, which self-respecting artist management company signs itself 'the Management'? Secondly, which self-respecting management company is going to give a rat's arse about whatever it is that Morrissey is splenetically ranting about this week - much less feel the urge to come out and support him?
    12. Debwilts
      I've always assumed that SER was writing the posts on Morrissey Official x
    13. E Scott
      E Scott
      When you're G-ds' representative on earth who needs to pay for management. On a serious note does the monicker pope of mope still stick?
    14. Peppermint
      You can tell when it's Morrissey. His epically florid rants and wailing narcissism are pretty unmistakable. Read his last missive and ask yourself, who else would have written: 'Rather than suffer the ordeal of insanity, I would suggest that you never again buy or log onto these ‘hoax news’ outlets: they will die quickly without you.' Or rank his audiences from 1-12.

      Although I'm pretty sure Sam posts them for him as he's not known for being technically aware.
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    15. Famous when dead
      Famous when dead
      Just out of interest, has anyone seen any sources other than this one for the 'story'?
      I've scoured Twitter, FB, Google et al and there isn't a mention of this 'incident'.
      It appears to be more a case of someone taking a photograph as they pass the building.
    16. Peppermint
      Or an SER photoshop?
    17. E Scott
      E Scott
      Can Morrissey solo HQ not check on Google earth or send a drone??
    18. vegan.cro  spirit #2
      vegan.cro spirit #2
      of course its fake news. Independent is 100% fake news.
      Moz losing all fans and album bombed! Moz done for!
      FAKE NEWS:head-smack:

      REAL NEWS: all albums and singles burning the charts and an unprecedented number
      of sellouts.:rofl:
    19. Famous when dead
      Famous when dead
      A fake fake news flag?
      Far too metaphysical for me :)
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