Morrissey - Of Which I Am Most Proud - singles

Of Which I Am Most Proud / singles: List from Morrissey -

1) First of the gang to die (2004) #6 UK
2) Irish blood, english heart (2004) #3 UK
3) I'm throwing my arms around Paris (2009) #21 UK
4) That's how people grow up (2008) #14 UK
5) Panic (1986) #11 UK
6) Girlfriend in a coma (1987) #13 UK
7) Let me kiss you (2004) #8 UK
8) Everyday is like sunday (1988) #9 1988, #42 2010 UK
9) You have killed me (2006) #3 UK
10) All you need is me (2008) #24 UK
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from the Ice Age to the dole age
Now he's just taking the piss.


"All you need is me" - In
"Hand in Glove" - Out

I don't understand this man anymore.

Eric Hartman

Hahahahahaha! No "Satan rejected my soul"? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!


With You are the quarry singles making the number 1) and 2), followed by a third at number 7), I can't help but infer this album is Morrissey's true favourite. Dare I say Morrissey may have said those two recent albums were his favourite, at the time, for promotional purposes! But now Morrissey's said it, he doesn't want to appear to have changed his mind, so he continues to maintain his most recent album is the best, then the one before the last, and then YATQ.

Johnny Barleycorn

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Bigmouth Strikes Again How Soon Is Now? This Charming Man Panic Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now Shoplifters Of The World Unite Girlfriend In A Coma Everyday Is Like Sunday Suedehead First Of The Gang To Die


Gabba Gabba Hey
Nothing from Vauxhall? Yeah, he's taking the piss.Lists are designed to stir up shit though so whatever--fine.


I agree with all of these on Morrissey's list. I especially love That's how people grow up because I listen to it all the time. It is one of my ultimate favourites. And Morrissey is in My Life. And We Are The Same.

auntie christ

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it may be hopelessly pedantic of me, but i hope there's a difference in morrissey's mind between singles he's most proud of and singles that are awesomely wondrous tunes because this list would need some serious revision if we're talking about the latter.
Saw him in Grimsby this year, have to admit the more recent singles from Quarry, Ringleaders and Refusal suit the band live much better than any other. Think about it guys, of course he's gonna prefer the more recent stuff!Four top ten hits from Quarry alone and the joint-highest hits of his entire career came from the three newest albums.He has every right to be proud as punch of his more recent work, but yes I will concede that his older work appears to be being neglected in this lists.Not that anyone should care, but my personal favorite singles are November Spawned A Monster and Alma Matters...Just saying...


Ok...Nice selection of latter hits...but where is More You Ignore Me The Closer I Get.....chiming tune RAF Spitfire swooping guitars and genious lyrics.


To be fair, as an artist, you're probably going to favour your most recent songs, as they will mean the most to you.

And being cynical like I am, maybe Morrissey is saying his recent stuff is his best in an attempt to promote himself to record labels? E.g. saying "hey, my best work has been in the last few years, not in the 1980s, I'm at my peak now, please sign me"


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Agree about: Irish Blood FOTGTD EDILS Girlfriend in A Coma Panic (not in his top 10 but better than the rest of the top 10) Would add or replace with: Suedehead Now My Heart Is Full (USA single) The More You Ignore Me November Spawned A Monster This Charming Man Heaven knows I'm Miserable Now How Soon Is Now? The Boy With The Thorn Stop Me If You Think...


Morrissey has completely lost the plot. That aural abortion is the single he's 4th most of proud. Dismissing The Smiths. Making these end of an era lists.

Moz grow a pair! Or at least get some different medication

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