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Found this clip on youtube, it's about the relationship between Morrissey and the NME. I don't know when this was aired in the UK but it doesn't mention the recent controversy and there's even a clip of conor mcnicholas explaining how he felt the time was right for Morrissey to come back. :rolleyes:

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Dooood, did you see those effects on those magazines?

those were aweeessome!!!

uhm, but cool clip. I think...

Sucks that screwed it up. haha.


It's from BBC 4's mini series of history of NME "Inky Fingers".
It was also shown BBC 2 in 2005 or 2006.


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So that's what he looks like. Conor had better hope I don't see him out anywhere, he'll end up covered in claret. Not blood, just red wine. All over his stupid head.
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It's no coincidence that the nme went down hill after they printed that story back in 1992. It was only ever any good for the live adverts in the back anyhow :):)

Conor McTwitalas looks even more ridiculous in the flesh. Moz was spot on with his description of the bloke! The work experience kid who never went home. I hope Moz takes them to the cleaners, the crappy celebrity gossip mag that it is. Rant over. :sick::D


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When this case does go down, I think many will be shocked to hear that Morrissey was not the only person the NME altered what they have said in interview.

Wait and see.
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