Morrissey named PETA UK person of the year

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    Morrissey Named PETA’s Person of the Year 2011 - PETA UK blog
    posted by Matt

    For helping to make the world a kinder place for animals, we’re proud to announce that compassionate crooner Morrissey is PETA’s 2011 Person of the Year.

    A long-time champion of animal rights and vegetarianism, this year the Lancashire born singer – described by NME as “one of the most influential artists ever” – has once again been using the limelight to shine a light on the terrible suffering that animals endure on factory farms and inside abattoirs.

    During his European tour, Morrissey had information tables with animal rights literature manned by friendly PETA volunteers who chatted with concertgoers and distributed thousands of vegetarian/vegan starter kits. He and his band wore shirts with animal rights messages on stage and played PETA US’ “Meet Your Meat” video during the shows to educate the audiences about the reality of life for animals on factory farms. He even convinced a huge Belgian music festival to go meat-free on the day of his performance!

    Never one to hold back, Morrissey has fearlessly mouthed off about the meat trade and helped promote kindness to animals worldwide in bold ways, including being immortalised in PETA US’ “Vegetarian Icon” postage stamp series – with more than 20,000 stamps selling out in less than two weeks!

    For all his efforts for animals, we’re chuffed to bits to be naming Morrissey PETA’s 2011 Person of the Year.

    Morrissey named PETA UK Person of the Year - Music News
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    1. Anonymous
      Well done Morrissey.
    2. disasterfrog
      It's just a shame that PETA suck.
    3. CrystalGeezer
    4. mozmic_dancer
      Bless his kind heart.
    5. goinghome
      He should celebrate, shouldn't he, now that we've all had our 'rest', and maybe even, just a little bit get-high.jpg ?!
    6. CrystalGeezer
      goinghome! :eek: Naughty! :p
    7. Anonymous
      Drove through a car park today and saw a bumper sticker saying PETA.
      My smile soon dropped when I saw underneath the letters ''People Eating Tasty Animals.''

    8. Anonymous
      I don't speak english very well, but, just to say that PETA is not the best for animals, they (specially Ingrid Newkirk) feel like they are god, choosing what animal need to be killed or not (and its not about to 'kill' the pain from the animals, believe me). I think they are hipocrites, that's the negative part, but (the "positive" part) is that they (at least) show the real situation with animals and fur... etc... So PETA it's kind of 50/50 to me... Also they are so rich, they are making a lot of money because the animal rights situation... but, it's ok for Morrissey, he's one of the best perfect/imperfect human beings, he shows the Meet Your Meat video in concerts, without shame to be criticised, and a lot of more things, so... I think he deserves the credit, and not only from PETA... well, is not about humans or PETA, or this or that... we don't wanted to waste time in human issues, but we need to focus more in animals, because they don't have voice. Thanks.
    9. Anonymous
      Where in Lancashire????
      Has he been telling porkie Lancashire pies ?????
    10. celibate
      In the Netherlands is Patrick Kluivert [once a good soccer player ] wife, she's not afro american but just a real Dutch ladyand chosen for a campain of posters along the street , busstops, etc.].

      Never ever saw her, or maybe it's his daughter or ex, wahtever she looks nice, but a better and better known personshould have done it, a campain against animal abuse, and eating in the Netherlands.:(

      Anyway well dome at the end, Morrissey[of this year!/?]:confused:
    11. Anonymous
      He once sang the line "I have lived in the arse of the world"

      So he must have been born and braized in Bacup Lancashire!!!!! Don't go there honest its a right hole!! If your unfortunate enough to be born there you better say your prayers
    12. Anonymous
      Dude, that is Nicolette Kluijver, who is totally unrelated to Patrick Kluivert.
    13. celibate
      thanks for the right info

    14. marielle
      Marianne Thieme for president!
      We just feel quilty because of the bio - industry which means not bio, founded in the Netherlands. Do you care how animals LIVE?
    15. sandinista
      Couldn't have chosen a better person! Way to go Moz!
    16. marielle
    17. marielle
    18. goinghome
    19. grant gauld
      grant gauld
      im not a veggie,but i do respect morrisseys views on animal cruelty.2 animals were jailed today for the murder of stephen lawrence,these are the only animals who should be put down.

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