Morrissey 'naked with cake' cover photo turned down by The Sunday Times

Episode 29 - Our nightmare week with Morrissey - The Sunday Times Magazine Podcast
How difficult is it to photograph Morrissey? Pretty difficult, it turns out. Eleanor Mills and the team pull no punches in explaining how The Smiths frontman kept our photographer waiting in New York for four days and why today's Magazine interview with the controversial singer almost completely unravelled

The Sunday Times staff discuss here the difficulties they had getting Morrissey to agree to a photoshoot for the interview published 26.11.17.

Excerpt: "We got an email saying the shoot Morrissey wants to do, is he wants to be naked except for a cake - a great big icing-covered cake - in front of his genitals..."

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Maybe Moz can have the last laugh, and use a photo of him naked with his love truncheon covered by a strategically placed chocolate éclair as the cover of the 'Low in High School' special edition?

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