morrissey/n.sinatra review rolling stone



just got rolling stone #959 with the album review...
3 1/2 stars
"dont nancy sinatra and morrissey make a cute couple? the woman who sang 'these boots are made for walkin' and the guy who sang 'there is a light that never goes out'-is it really so strange? on her first studio album since 1995 the mod go-go girl (and frank's daughter) gets a boost from her devout afn morrissey. not only did moz introduce sinatra to his label, he duets on her velvet-morning version of his tune 'let me kiss you'. sinatra also gets love from tomcats such as u2s bono and the edge, sonic youths thurston moore and pulps jarvis cocker. its a grand meeting between a star and her fans, as sinatra proves shes not the end of the family line"
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