Morrissey must be enjoying being right about saying Bush should have died.



or no? I'm going into this with an open mind people. Let's talk.


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Morrissey is often off his rails. But he's also not an MP who travels to the Middle East to go on Arab media and praise suicide bombers blowing up things in Iraq, or hang out with dictators to suck their dicks and become their shills, personally enriching himself from their evils.

He's just a pop star in the silly pop star world where people say the darndest things when trying to whip up controversy as they release an LP. LOOK AT ME; I HAVE AN ALBUM TO SELL!

And when a pop star says stupid shit it doesn't actually heighten the possibility that a Muslim barbarian will blow up the Prime Minister. That's why I haven't made much of HIS death wish statements. I've probably made death wishes on people myself but it doesn't mean anything or cause anything except express my emotions at that moment. Muslim terrorists do not listen to Morrissey records. They chop the heads off gay people and then celebrate their immigrant comrades voting for Galloway in England.

Another huge difference between Galloway and Morrissey is that while Morrissey may or may not be wrong on this or that matter, it doesn't seem to come from an evil heart. Galloway is an evil man with some power.

Lastly, Morrissey says shocking things for attention in INTERVIEWS but then when he pens his SONG LYRICS things generally are said better ("Margarat on the Guillotine" being an exception - but that song's okay because it's funny). What's unfortunate is how ever since he came back with "You Are The Quarry" he's become so much more lock-step with the NY Times set. When I disagreed with him in the long-ago past at least he seemed to be more interesting. Everyone knows the best way to please the media is to make the most simplistic statements about how you hate Bush and Blair. What is brave about it? In the pop music world it's the safest play of the day.

That's partly why I admire people like Ayaan Hirsi Ali, or Theo van Gogh, or Oriana Fallaci so much. They walk out on the plank and say truly brave things and are willing to pay the price for it. And have they ever paid a price! Not everything they say is so great, but the things they say that totally NEED to be said but few have the guts to. Morrissey didn't like the minor hassles he got from the NME in the 90s, and he's pretty confused about some things, so I understand he's not up to being an important musical commenter on the major issue of the day. Morrissey would rather sing about a Muslim pulling faces in the camera...yeah whatever. Well, I did see Muslims pulling faces in the camera while voting in Afghanistan and Iraq. :)


He should really stick to singing. He a great singer, but a political hack. Leave the politics to the guys running for office. He's only got one vote like the rest of us. So until he's ready to run for office he can stick a cork in it.

For the folks harboring hate for others, consider who it hurt by hate.


I'm convinced Morrissey could organize a revolution if he wanted. Don't you think so?
Can't wait until that day...


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Seasick said:
Leave the politics to the guys running for office.

I really like this idea. We should let "the guys running for office" handle affairs in the world! Such an idea would have meant the silencing of Theo Van Gogh, who even more than Morrissey used his filmmaking and writing to shake people up with bold and shocking perspectives on the world, but no matter. "The guys running for office" will take care of us. Morrissey can sing about getting it on with Roman lads and Theo's cinematic heirs can make "Rush Hour 8".

Of course, "the guys running for office" have been running politics anyway, dutifully covering their ears from the shrill criticisms of Morrissey and Theo Van Gogh and many other misguided artists. They're doing a bang-up job in the world, as any glance at today's headlines will tell you. So I agree-- leave them in peace! What the hell do people like Morrissey and Theo Van Gogh know about politics? Let's let "the guys running for office" get on with the hard and difficult task of bringing safety and security to the peoples of the world!
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