Morrissey music video....any help??


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I've got to make a music video for an atrist/band in media studies and Mozza and The Smiths being my fave i thought i should do them! I want to make a quality one though with them being my favourites and all....Just wondering if anyone had any ideas as to whay i could do for a smiths video/what to include/setting/locations/stroryline etc? basically what should i do for a Smiths/Morrissey music video??

Thanks for any help in advance...:)
Any song really...

Come on i thought you guys would have loads of ideas as for what youd like to see in a Morrissey/Smiths music video...hit me with your ideas, anything at all!?! :)
If you know how to use search function, you'll get some ideas from earlier threads.

Good luck.
Probably the easiest, though not the most original is to do a montage of "kitchen sink" films and perhaps clip them in an interesting way where they suggest an original scenario.

Or reenact them. Black and white. Or show a Smiths fan somehow involved, like watching it on a tv or reading a Moz. inspired book. Hang posters and stuff. You know, low budget.

I'm not Cecil B. DeMille.
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Im going to do 'I Want The One I Cant Have' by The Smiths....

Any ideas of what i could do for that??

Any help would be great, thanks!
I envision a white room with a band and some puppies running around. :lbf:

No, seriously modern music videos don't have a "storyline". They are more like five or six little vignettes strung together that meet in the end. Easier to edit that way and you will save yourself some extra work.

Maybe you can have some characters "searching" for something or someone i.e. climbing ladders, looking under bushes, sitting in trees with binoculars, looking under rocks until they find what they are looking for at the end. Because you don't know what they are searching for until the end, it holds the viewers interest. Maybe what they are "looking" for is a record player with the song playing. They are "looking" for Morrissey's voice.

I see it humorous and lots of action and running around because the song is very up tempo.

Think of the line "it's driving me mad" and have fun with it.
For the line "It's written all over my face," I can see a face shot of a young lady with another person writing the name of the person she loves all over the initial girl's face, while the girl being written on is sitting there, passive, looking around. :thumb:
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