Morrissey Central "Morrissey Mourns Morrissey" (April 12, 2020)



FROM THE LEFT: I do not like RB,as Moz is shy,and RB believes himself important ,he wanted to grab . At Moz to make him uncomfortable , because he thinks he is very alive ,but Morrissey he has other friends , I doubt that he is his friend, but well , it is my humble opinion because I saw the video, too bad I can't go up because honestly I don't know if Moz is gay and he was in love as they put it,down here , but it seems that more from one does not like R Brand.
Kisses from the left!! I love to be in contact with you, look at youtube is over there the video pays attention to the mockery of that guy towards Moz ,you see those things that they do to him because he is shy they bother me !!!.
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