Morrissey Mercury: ‘I’ve been cancelled and I’m not going to do it to Morrissey’



Morrissey was “disarmingly lovely”, the Guardian newspaper has “lost its way” and Madness are “bastards, frankly”. That’s according to the straight-talking music photographer Kerstin Rodgers, whose images have made no small contribution to the great storybook of modern pop.

In the latest issue of the Morrissey Mercury fanzine, Kerstin, who took iconic pictures of Morrissey in the 80s, says she sympathises with some of Moz’s views and will not resort to cancelling him.

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January’s issue also features your monthly Mozoscopes from astrologer Jessica Adams, a look at Moz’s year ahead from poet Jacob Davies, how to sign up for free breaking news alerts, and more.

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I would point out that he has never said anything about numbers of white people & he actually got flack in 2012 for not being patriotic.
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