Morrissey mention on the Colbert Report

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On last night's Colbert Report (5/29), when discussing the presidential elections in Egypt, Colbert mentioned that one of the front runners in the election is Mohammed Morsi. He then clarified he has no relation to Morrissey and showed a picture of Morrissey next to Morsi's picture. The crowd laughed and Colbert seemed like he wanted to smirk. Although it was a quick mention, it was exciting to see Morrissey mentioned on the Colbert Report, especially for other Colbert fans! It's awesome to think that Colbert might be a Morrissey fan :)

If you would like to watch the clip, you can watch it on He starts to discuss the Egyptian election at 1:15 and then mentions Morsi and Morrissey at 1:32.

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Lol. :rolleyes:
Amazing how the Colbert Report & the Daily Show by Jon Stewart (although comedy shows) are some of the rare shows in the US that set high standards for news or culture for their audience & don't dumb everything down.
Outside of the US you can also catch the full episode on the Colbert Report site: . The mention is in the "Un-American News" segment starting at 11.23 & the mention starts at 12.42.
Breaking news: Morrissey mentioned on tv show because his name is similar to Morsi. Thanks for that. I didn't see the show and would never have known. Thank you.
I watched that the other night when it aired and thought it was awesome to see. :p

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