Morrissey Meets fan fighting cancer - one year anniversary music vid

Eamon Davern

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Almost a year a go to the day, Morrissey met my wife, Jennifer Moon Kelly. A life long fan of Moz... A few days later she passed away.

He dedicated the song, 'One of our own' to her at the Irvine Sports center and it was captured via mobile and sent to me.

I made a video with this and footage that I shot of Jen before she was diagnosed with cancer.

In the year that has passed a lot has happened. I miss Jen every day and wish she never had to suffer in the way that she did... Colon cancer in young people is a thing and Jen is an example of how a young, beautiful and talented lady can go from living life to fighting for existence.

I am so forever grateful to Morrissey and his fans for sending so much love and support to Jen in her final months... There was an outpouring of support for her directly from this site and it melts my heart to think that this community banded together for her. True family.

This song is a legacy to Jen and the beauty she brought to this cruel world

Viva Moz... Viva Cuddle Worthy

Lovely video. I remember your post from last year and was saddened to hear of Jen's passing. Best wishes for the future.
Thanks for sharing this beautiful video with us.

I remember well your post of last year and I was really happy for her to meet Moz personally.

Stay strong, all the best wishes from Germany.
Thank you for sharing this beautiful tribute with us, I didn't know her but I can see she was a beautiful human being inside and out, be strong
Lots of love
I feel incapable of properly expressing the sadness I feel over her and your loss.

The video is a celebratory salute to her and I feel that. I wish you the utmost happiness in celebrating your memories of her and the love you have shared.
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