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Hey there! I got married this week! Woo! More like Will DEFINITELY Marry, am I right?

Anyway, we made a massive Spotify playlist for the long road trip as well as the ceremony/partying after. I wanted to put more Morrissey but too many songs are mean or ironic or sarcastic (which I love.) The rule for the playlist was: sincere! No irony! Romantic!

The Morrissey songs that ended up on it were:

Let The Right One In
I Like You
To Me You Are A Work Of Art
Reel Around the Fountain (this played during the actual nuptials!)
I'd Love To (this never got around to being played though)

What did I miss?
I've always wanted to do this. Wondering myself what would be good songs...

My Love I'd Do Anything For You (not sure on this one)
All The Young People Must Fall in Love
In Your Lap
Kiss Me Alot
Great choices! I know my wife (agh, first time using that word) doesn't like Kiss Me A Lot so that was a no (but I think it is a cute one to put on there.) I don't think she likes In Your Lap either. Interlude...I don't know.....
Oh. Here's a kinda risque one I forgot, When You Open Your Legs hahah... maybe save that one for when you two are alone actually 😆😘
Oh. Here's a kinda risque one I forgot, When You Open Your Legs hahah... maybe save that one for when you two are alone actually 😆😘

That is a good's tough to say if she'd like that on there or not. I have a feeling she'd press the skip button! She's not crazy about that album as a whole (neither am I) so I don't think she'd like any song from it, really. I personally find openly sexual stuff also very romantic, but it may be too blunt and "gross" to her.
Happy wedlock! I suggest the Morrissey cover of Rose Garden, which I've always felt is a fun song about post-nuptial realism.
Wonderful Woman? It has that bit about ice-water for blood, but he also, quite lovingly and sincere, sings that when she calls him he does not walk, he runs.
Oh, and congrats! Love is in the air!
Now My Heart Is Full - WAY too sad. I mean wow. Probably the last Morrissey song we'd both want to hear as we're celebrating our wedding.

Wonderful Woman - That's an interesting suggestion, but it's just too much of a dirge. Doesn't really lift the spirits. I'm also not clear on if that is on Spotify.

Covers, etc -- not really into Morrissey doing covers, but Wedding Bell Blues is not a favorite of mine. Also it has "Blues" at the end of the title. It's supposed to be a happy playlist!
As Reel Around the Fountain played in the background as our nuptials commenced, and it was an incredibly sweet, romantic moment, I would disagree.

Only curious about any songs we may have missed and thought it would be a fun challenge here, precisely because Morrissey is so often sarcastic and mean (i.e. "that's the joke.")

Our playlist has HUNDREDS of songs on it. But since we're both huge Morrissey fans, we wanted songs from him that were meaningful to both of us.
There is a Light that Never goes out.
Swallow on my Neck
Forgive Someone
No one can Hold a Candle to You (cover)
Is It Really So Strange?
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