Morrissey makes an accidental grammatical error on a song???

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concrete sister
On The Streets I Ran:

'Here everybody's friendly, but nobody's friends...'

Should it not be 'nobody are friends?'

Or is it 'Here everybody's friendly, but nobodies(?) friends' in the sense that they are the friends of nobody, as appose to being 'nobody are friends'?

Who taught you English? "Nobody" is properly considered singular, as it's literally "no body."

Not to say that there aren't plenty of legitimate grammatical errors in other Morrissey songs...

No-body is plural in this sense - nobody is friends would be incorrect, nobody are friends is correct.
there's loads more... and i can't think of any of them!
But I always notice them when they're playing.
I'm sure it's intentional, Mozzy isn't thick.
"Neither of them SOUNDS right"!!!!! :mad: "Sounds" has to be in agreement with "neither," not "them"!

Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrowrrrrrrrr! :D

And you thought I didn't like to get involved in intelligent debates. :rolleyes:

I thought you just liked to pick winnable battles. :rolleyes:

Shit. Charging a man with bad grammar
in this place was like handing out
speeding tickets at the Indy 500.
I took the mission. What the hell
else was I gonna do? But I really
didn't know what I'd do when I
found him.
The child-like "brung" is a pleasing enough lyrical conceit on the subject matter; "I was a good kid...."

The one that gets me, however, is "...stood at the urinal." * looks stern*

I think stood at the urinal is right.
But going on my previous gramatical disgraces tonight, I wouldn't go by what i say.:tears:
I think it's more colloquial

Because how he's written it is how I'd pronounce it and I certaintly don't have perfect english 24/7.
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