Morrissey Central "MORRISSEY LOVES ‘SHOPLIFTERS OF THE WORLD’ FILM" (March 29, 2021)

The Man from Morrissey...he say Yes! (y)

"I laughed, I cried, I ate my own head.

The Smiths' past still sounds like today's frustrations and tomorrow's liberations."

~ Morrissey, March 2021.


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If Morrissey likes the film then I will try and give it a go. I just don't know where the the film is available to watch? To be honest I try to avoid things to do with The Smiths becase of the court case and all the bad feelings and hurt.. unless of course Morrissey himself endorses it then it is ok by me.
Not sure which platform or where you can watch the film from.
I'm sorry he's lost his head by making that statement (and his tongue too!) I prefer to buy some Mozandise at the Mporium this week. No doubt we all have commitments that we cannot get out of no matter how unpleasant.
He’ll love the royalty checks form the music rights. But not having to split it with Andy and Mike.
Mozbots gotta walk back their hate on this flick! :LOL:
I'm very much a "Mozbot" that is I'm a fan of Morrissey as a solo artist! I find it very hard to support anything to do with The Smiths all that bad blood and everything.

Not sure this film is available in the UK?
Nice payday!

From the Denver Post:

"The animating event, The Smiths breakup, happened a year before the Colorado incident, so the story was moved to 1987. But with 30% of the film’s $3 million budget devoted to music — “Shoplifters” features a whopping 20 Smiths songs, many of which have never been licensed for the screen — Kijak wasn’t able to film on location."

He was obviously off his meds and three sheets to the wind when making that statement.

The movie was unbearable to watch.
Rather predictably (certainly in Kermode's case):


Become part of NME's take:

The Smiths fans are confused by this new film trailer
"What the everliving f*** is this?"

"The Smiths fans are confused by this new film trailer"

Are we now?
The film's bad, Morrissey's bad? Is that how shallow Kermode is? Oh, well...
The film's bad, Morrissey's bad? Is that how shallow Kermode is? Oh, well...
Mark Kermode used to be a Morrissey fan. Mark Kermode works for the BBC. I guess it would be hard to work for the BBC and be a Morrissey fan in this currant climate. Mark Kermode wants to keep his job he doesn't want to be cancelled. Mark Kermode comes from quite a privileged background. There is a mainstream narrative that people have to stick to. If you go away from that line of thinking it becomes "wrong think" so you need to be kept in line or are cancelled. Look at what happened to Sharon Osbourne for supporting her friend Piers Morgan. Piers Morgan sounds posh the way he talks and he is a wealthy guy but he actually comes from quite an ordinary background. Mark Kermode actually comes from a more privileged background.
The film's bad, Morrissey's bad? Is that how shallow Kermode is? Oh, well...

Since Marr also approved of the script, does that mean it's also the film Marr deserves?
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shoplifters movie

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