morrissey Liverpool empire 1991 bootleg request


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I downloaded a copy which surfaced a couple of years back but as we have all been there i cant find it anywhere on my hard drive. It was great quality and more importantly i was there right at the front. Can anyone help me find this please. Ta


my copy doesn't sound that great 6/10
he is in great form tho
1991-7-24 Liverpool Empire
I saw him
1991-06-05 Las Vegas, Nevada University Hall
wish there was a recording for this day!!!
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Of the 3 versions known of this gig, the above is probably the best.
The 'uncirculated master' that appeared on ST was not really any better than anything else shared (that was aka the 'Big Bopper' master shared in 2011).
I'd be interested in a higher quality version if it is still out there?

(On a tangent, @drifter - the excellent Pearl Concert Theatre '07 video was posted on Dime recently and credited to Drifter - your good self?).
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