Morrissey Live Glastonburry 2011 - Audio only


Thanks a lot for this - it is great, but does anybody mabye have an even higher quality version than the two webstream-sourced audio versions out there? (This and the "Second-to-None" one - correct me if I am wrong about the source ...) Was the gig also broadcasted on BBC radio? If yes, it would be great if a taper shared it. Again: This is great and sounds very good, the efforts are highly appreciated. But if there's an even better version out there, please let us know, tapers ... Same thing with a 720p/1080i version of the BBC 4 video broadcast (if BBC does broadcast in HD ...) I would record all this stuff by myself if I were in England, but don't have the possibilities here in Germany - therefore I depend on all you kind souls ... Thanks a million!!!
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Here is a link to my version of Glastonbury 2011...

I believe this is an improvement on other versions available to date, which were primarily sourced from the BBC iPlayer.
The audio in these files was extracted directly from a DVD recording of the BBC 2 broadcast on digital satellite TV.



PS: forgot to mention that this recording includes Morrissey's in-between song chat (U2, David Cameron, etc)
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