Morrissey Live (flac) Doncaster - Dome (Sep. 30, 2022)


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Hi folks, My recording of the Doncaster gig, dragged the mrs on a 500 mile round trip from Edinburgh and recorded the concert at the same time.
(basically because I like to stand at gigs and the armadillo glasgow is sh*t imo)

It was great to see Morrissey in a traditional northern town, and we really enjoyed it, but wouldnt rush back to Doncaster for a holiday per offense Doncaster inhabitants lol

I am aware there is already a recording of this concert on youtube and audio links on the main doncaster thread,
But this should be much easier on the ear,
Long live old phones :) enjoy Alan
No problem, glad it was well received, :)

A long shot but if anyone was at the gig near the the start of 'have a go merchant' Morrissey answers a question from the crowd " I've heard it, I've heard it, not bad"

It's been bugging me what was the song he was asked? lol
Any chance to reup? Or if you have the flacs of the night with Crack's debut
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