Morrissey Live At Eurockeenes 2006 Sky Arts1 (ch256) May 4th 2009 10pm.


Hope it's also on Sky Arts HD. Probably not!


am watching (and recording, or whatever you call it these days? PVR'ing? Sky +ing? I dunno?).

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I have just finished watching it and it was good to see the Live versions of some of the old Ringleader tracks...particularly Pigsty, I will see you in far off places and To me you are a work of art. However I kept waiting for Moz's voice to crack up during I'll never be anyone's hero now especially during the really high parts! finished on a rocking version of Panic and then left after saying 'ciao'...shouldn't that have been 'au revoir' seeing as how this was France?!

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It's on again at 11am and 4:45pm today!

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Damn and blast - I missed this!

I'm just back from holiday - any kind UK solo'er get this down on DVD????:)
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