Morrissey listed as 'questionable'


This made me laugh. If you can't get a good chuckle out of religious extremists, what's the point of them?

Some nut job has created a list of 'gay bands' that parents need to watch out for. They recommend burning CDs on sight if they appear in a child's music collection.

The list is obviously beyond ridiculous but also strangely entertaining. Pink, Elton John, Death Cab For Cutie, Lil Wayne and so many more are listed as evil influences. The acts have annotations beside them when the specific perversion is known. For instance, Ted Nugent (loincloth), The Cure (make up) and Elton John (really gay).

Morrissey (?questionable?) is the highlight. I'll leave it up to the discerning and informed Solo reader to decide what part of Morrissey's existence is questionable.

Have a few seconds of fun with the list:


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As hilarious this site might be, it's sadly fake.
As well as the great youtube clip. Also fake.

What keeps me smiling is that stuff like this could be totally real.
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