Morrissey letter to (presumably) Alan Bennett

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ordinaryboy86, Dec 7, 2019.

By ordinaryboy86 on Dec 7, 2019 at 11:28 AM
  1. ordinaryboy86

    ordinaryboy86 Well-Known Member

    Oct 28, 2014
    thought I’d show this wonderful piece of history off...

    U.K. Vauxhall & I LP with 2 posters, one with a handwritten letter on the back from Morrissey, to “Alan”, presumably Alan Bennett, Morrisseys ex neighbour, friend and playwright, hence the references to ‘A Visit From Miss Prothero’ & ‘Intensive Care’, which were plays written by Alan, and adapted for television by the BBC in 1978 & 1982, respectively). Morrissey also makes mention of his album (Vauxhall) being the current U.K. #1 album, which acts a decent time stamp for when the letter was written, likely between 26th March ‘ - April 2nd, 1994.

    (Poster measures 30 inches x 20 inches, making it one of the largest pieces of handwritten Morrissey text I’ve ever seen)

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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ordinaryboy86, Dec 7, 2019.

    1. joe frady
      joe frady

      Now, this is the kind of 'history' that Dan Sodding Snow & the BBC should be doing 3-part series on...

      {nb ~ why is Protheroe (sic) carefully underlined. Perhaps he was getting confused with Clitheroe, as in Jimmy...?}

      Any further details that you'd care to share on this item would be gratefully appreciated. Such as how, why, when, where?

      And can í have it? Obviously ;)

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    2. NealCassidy
      Sure I saw something g else the other day that said ‘ I’m going away for a few months’..
    3. Anonymous
      Wow! That is amazing what a great item for your collection, Silly question did you know the letter was included?

    4. Famous when dead
      Famous when dead
      From Select, May, '94:

      "It works out fine in the end. The following week Morrissey is all but mobbed to death at HMV Shop signings in London and Manchester (and he plays Nico on the in-store sound system at both). 'Vauxhall' goes in at number one, the first Morrissey LP to do so since 'Viva Hate'. The Sunday Times piece proves to be a harmless bit of farce in which Moz visits Castle Burchill and Julie B is horrible to him because he didn't make an appointment. What does he have to worry about anyway?
      Before I left Hook End, I asked him about last year's rumours that he'd finally come to the end of his tether, that 'Vauxhall' would be Morrissey's last stand. Had he contemplated giving it all up? Could he, physically?

      "Yes, I could, definitely," he'd replied brightly. "That is the great new feeling I have. 'Vauxhall And I' affords me that feeling and no other record has. Never. It has always been a mission 'til death, but now I just no longer feel obliged to anyone.
      "I now feel I could live and be Dirk Bogarde. I could live in a mansion flat in Chelsea and see nobody, which would be a perfect life. I could be 76. He sent me a card the other day..."

      Who, Dirk Bogarde? Are you sure?

      "Yes, and I almost cried with joy when it arrived. I thought, Put it this way, Mozzer, you have a card from Dirk Bogarde here (and he slapped the settee). You have Alan Bennett sitting in your kitchen having tea. You have David Bowie having sung one of your songs quite beautifully. What else are you looking for? What right do I have to be sour-faced and complaining, queuing up at Waitrose in Holloway being annoyed because somebody in front of me has got a leg of lamb? What more could there be?"

      So it all correlates. 1994 was the Caroline Close house days IIRC (see below). It was a busy year for Bennett too.
      Nice item.
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    5. NealCassidy
      Anything re Morrissey in writing home or untold stories? Know there was in TIOBM
    6. joe frady
      joe frady
      '94 was 18 Regent's Park Terrace daze, was it not?

      Which lies in the shadow of Gloucester Crescent, where the boy Bennett resided, waiting and watching the post box opposite.


    7. Famous when dead
      Famous when dead
      Yes, quite right (IIRC=not on this occasion :) ) - didn't he move to Primrose circa '93/'94 though?
      Cadagon Square prior (or Caroline prior?).
      Just waking up,
    8. The Wild Turkey
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    9. Anonymous
      What right, indeed.

      That sentiment has been tossed out the window, hasn’t it.

      This statement - straight from the horse’s mouth - speaks volumes about how far down the rabbit-hole he’s gone.

      Bugger-off and mind your business.
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    10. Anonymous
      :rofl:Not gonna happen pal.
      Turkey day is fast approaching :christmastree:
      Closer come the screaming knives :knife::chicken:

      Benny-the-British-Butcher :greatbritain::knife:
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    11. joe frady
      joe frady
      Reckon it was 1993. Just prior to the Britpop boys & girls.
      Cadogan Square was arse-end of the Sniffs days & afters, í think. Where some hoped he would 'do a Plath' {she did hers in Primrose Hill, queerly enough}.
      Caroline Close was 1989, maybe some of '90.

      Sleep on, and dream of luv...

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    12. Anonymous
      Aw glass half empty skinny, nó joy even in some memorabilia from the good old days.
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    13. Peppermint
      No, nothing in either. Writing Home diaries end in 1990 so I'm guessing that would be too early. Untold Stories starts in 1996 - I'm thinking that's after Morrissey had moved?
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    14. Phranc & Open
      Phranc & Open
      Fascinating. More of this stuff, please!
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    15. Anonymous
      A camp toff. In an ivory tower.
    16. Peppermint
      Toff? Born and raised in Leeds, in a very working class family, and has never lost his accent or abandoned his northern roots. In fact he built an entire career on them. Alan Bennett is a legend.
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    17. Carlislebaz
      I love untold stories... I was actually in a post office line this afternoon posting the last of the Xmas mail when a Spanish lady was in front of me with three parcels and was faffing about and taking an eternity to get done... I thought about Allan Bennett, and how he would have perceived , or written about this situation?... then I though, oh my god I’ve finally emerged into an old fart!!!!
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    18. NealCassidy
    19. NealCassidy
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