Morrissey last Wednesday in Dublin (May 10, 2023)

In a pub with someone somewhere somehow…actually, I think he was in Dublin? I don’t know. The link doesn’t work. Not for me, anyway. Doesn’t he look great!? ❤️


From the Luke McCormack Facebook page:

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Happy for Luke and really, Moz looks in a fair good mood, which is nice to see, but c’mon… this screams of Grumpy Cat (whom I also love. RIP). 😊

Oh, those thick dark eyebrows that time is not subject to!

Morrissey looks very cheerful, younger than his years. I agree with the answers above about the fact that the dark tones of clothes suit him very well – the image becomes moderately brutal, liberated, that is, the opposite of the "flower-like of The Smiths. Although modesty and chastity are usually represented by white and pastel colors, Morrissey had a penchant for experimenting in stage images early in The Smiths career – the colorful shirts of flashy colors, apparently, were ideally suited for the bright shows that The Smiths put on in their time.
Also, black clothes emphasize his blue eyes, making them brighter. So you can be sure about Morrissey: he has great taste, and this is one of the reasons why he looks so good.
Oh those blue, transparent eyes where I can see his soul. Oh that sad look that manifests what a sensitive heart of an artist man feels!!!!
Perdon chicos me zarpe!!! Ja ja
He was sitting in the corner of a pub when he was spotted. I wonder, was he alone?
He was sitting in the corner of a pub when he was spotted. I wonder, was he alone?
No chance. The only time Morrissey has been more than 5 feet away from Damon in the past two decades is when he's on stage. Otherwise, they are joined at the hip.
Well, actors Matt Dillon and Kurt Russell immediately come to mind – both have some similarities in facial features to Morrissey's appearance. I even blogged about it once, and some The Smiths fans agreed with me.

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You are right about the similarity! Growing up in 80s America, those guys had 'the look'. Matt Dillon was great in the films based on SE Hinton books (even now as an adult - those books, like Tex, are good reads), early in his career. That pic of Kurt has to be from Backdraft, which is a thrilling movie. Kurt turned out to be one heck of a human being, a great family man, a person of good values. I do not know much about Matt Dillon, but I don't think I've ever heard anything negative about him. That generation of famous people....they were quality individuals (very high percentage of them) - and not caring if they were 'nice people' or not, just that they really didn't do anything heinous for lack of a better word. Most of them too are still around today, successful, healthy and alive.

Thanks for putting these pics up - it really made me smile :D
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