Morrissey last Wednesday in Dublin (May 10, 2023)

In a pub with someone somewhere somehow…actually, I think he was in Dublin? I don’t know. The link doesn’t work. Not for me, anyway. Doesn’t he look great!? ❤️


From the Luke McCormack Facebook page:

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Oh, those thick dark eyebrows that time is not subject to!

Morrissey looks very cheerful, younger than his years. I agree with the answers above about the fact that the dark tones of clothes suit him very well – the image becomes moderately brutal, liberated, that is, the opposite of the "flower-like life style" of The Smiths. Although modesty and chastity are usually represented by white and pastel colors, Morrissey had a penchant for experimenting in stage images early in The Smiths career – the colorful shirts of flashy colors, apparently, were ideally suited for the bright shows that The Smiths put on in their time.
Also, black clothes emphasize his blue eyes, making them brighter. So you can be sure about Morrissey: he has great taste, and this is one of the reasons why he looks so good.
Luke looks as tho he hast a 4king clue as to what is actually going on🤷

I bet Mozz as just grabbed a random person
And asked for a selfie🤩🤩🤩🤩
Poor Luke … just out of the Gents, still shaking his bits.
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