Morrissey Las Vegas Residency 2022 announced (1,2,6,8,9 July 2022)

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New Moz Vegas dates announced.

His ability to just keep going is amazing.

UPDATE March 22:
Media items:
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What does this FWD photo mean!??? Of course I know her but because you put her ????
Jesse Tobias' Instagram account - so pretty sure he's playing there.
An unstoppable soul searches until it finds, an unstoppable soul has 3 powerful things: Love, Will / power, and intuition (light intelligence) that is Moz an unstoppable soul !!! Moz Pichulfo!!! ( Vivaaa!!!!!!!
Oh. So he’s no longer ‘finished’? Merely on the life support of a headlining Vegas residency now? Next thing you know, he’ll be as unpopular as Elvis.
You know he's been playing live for nearly 40 years and he's in his 60s now. What more do you expect? He could happily retire any time he wants... I say good on him for doing any live shows.
"I am Veronica, the game I play is older than America"... did I hear that correctly?
Yes. Pretty speculative, but I wonder if the song is about a prostitute? Eg being 'on the game', and 'the oldest profession in the world' etc would seem to fit?
My Pichulfo Moz!!! We are ready to listen now!! Veronica.loose Veronica Moz give Dale dale!!!! I knew all this was going to happen soon and there's more: the tour is coming.... waiting and manifests !! Uh uh My heart is almost.. full ha ha
Just playing concerts in his Southern California-Vegas bubble, not traveling more than 230 miles from his home and watching the money pour in from the mporiumuk from the people who will never see him in concert again, just sociopath loser impostors getting bread wearing black gloves and fake impostor photo ops at some shithole in England. I love California Son's marketing strategy.
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