Morrissey Las Vegas Residency 2022 announced (1,2,6,8,9 July 2022)

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New Moz Vegas dates announced.

His ability to just keep going is amazing.

UPDATE March 22:
Media items:
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Anyone have an artist presale code for tomorrow, or the LiveNation presale code for Wednesday???


Chilling in Cheshire.
It would be good if he played elsewhere as well, hopefully this is the first of many announcements.
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I'm ready for another show at the Colosseum. I enjoyed the last residency, and love hearing we have another one this summer!

This Charming Bowie

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The new album: Dog or Bonfire?
It seems very close to the last press release so I’m tending more to the former, but with the “I Am Veronica” snippet, this could mean new songs debuting?
Exciting stuff anyway.

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The Vegas residency is described as "an intimate, invigorating dive" into the musician's career, from his early days to his new album.

Sounds like it's going to be a career showcase from the Smiths to Bonfire.


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It’ll be the same old set list (Alma Matters, Jack the Ripper, HSIN?) with a couple of new tracks. Still, tempted to book flights/tickets, but think I’ll wait till he announces some UK dates.
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