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    Hopefully getting through security without issue :)
    10th March, 2017.
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    1. AztecCamera
      Bull Ox! I reckon Morrissey would never live in America..let alone LA!!! I reckon everyone knows he lives in Sweden, or Portugal, or Rome, or in Mank down by the "working class" factory with his roomies Jake, Damon, and Michael Stipe. America is not the world!
    2. Anonymous
      he must love sitting in that mercedes with all that dead cow hide on the seats
    3. ACTON
      Moz looking well and obviously pampered with a nice car waiting for him and never having to carry his own bags. Poor Damon was either locked out or its part of his job to make sure the bags make it to the trunk. Damon ends up looking like a flunky in all of these videos. You would think Moz would be a bit nicer to him and not close the door in his face. I couldn't see fully but maybe Damon closed the door for him. I guess when someone is videoing your arrival you just want to get inside the car and have some privacy.

      I can imagine the conversation in the airport when they check-in......

      Airport staff: "Excuse me sir, but your passport just says 'Morrissey'. This is highly irregular. What is your first name?"
      Moz: "I don't have one. When I was small I had one, but as you can see, I'm not small, so I don't have one anymore. But you wouldn't understand. You're not Northern. Time's tide has smothered me."
      Airport staff: "Ahhh ok sir, but we'll need a first name."
      Moz:"The squalor of the mind. Damon? Have I a first name? I left it on a stretch of the beach that the tide doesn't reach."
      Damon: "It's Steven, with a V."
      Airport staff: "That'll do nicely sir. Did you pack your own bags?"
      Moz raises eyebrow and points at Damon. "My sweet and tender hooligan looks after that for me. I haven't handled my bag since I lost one in Newport-Pagnell in ninenteen hatey hate. Is that really so strange?"
      Airport staff: "No that's fine sir. I hope you enjoy the flight."
      Moz: "Unlikely."
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    4. AztecCamera
      I reckon more like..."You wouldn't understand...You're not from Malibu and don't surf dude!"

      I reckon Damon was promoted to head of Security, but looks like he is still the P.A., reckon that's why he looks all pissed.

      I reckon how many miles are on that black Mercedes, he has had it since 1993. Uncle Steve is so frugal.
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    5. ACTON
      And did you notice there was no driver in the car? I reckon Moz secretly lives in that jingly jangly jalopey. The car is huge inside, just like Oscar the Grouch's trash can. I hope the airport security were too flustered by the Moz chin charm to notice the car didn't actually go anywhere.
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    6. Anonymous
      Business is goin well, that's just new w222 S class.
    7. rifke
      haha brilliant! :lbf:
    8. AztecCamera
      I reckon do any of you bokes know if Damon is on Linkedin? I reckon he must be looking for another job and I would really like a hard working male P.A. like him instead of all these slutty girl P.A's who are always trying to 4fook me thinking that will make me get them a part in some B movie like STEVEN trying to live the "Hollywood dream".
    9. Anonymous
      I don't think you are in any position to talk about "gay denial" Bennifer. Poor little lamb...
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    10. Anonymous
      Ekhm... What? The driver is just outside the car to welcome his guest, nothing strange at all. Looks like a proffesional VIP transfer company, they do it often. It would be embarassing if you pay some extra money (for higher class of the car but also for more polite service) and the driver still sits inside the car without any extra gesture, just like a normal taxi ride.
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    11. Anonymous
      And sitting on cold leather seats. The guys one big contradiction.
    12. Quando quando quando
      Quando quando quando
      How do you know?
      Could be pleather, or just velours or whatever.
      And even if it was, maybe the professional VIP transfercompanies had nothing available at that time cause there are more Hollywood celebs with special wishes regarding animal-friendly transport.
      You'd rather have him walking, don't you? :cool:
    13. AztecCamera
      Me reckon the black Mercedes car seats has been an obsession of Mozbots since 1991. I really can't tell meself.

      Me reckon it would be top mental to see Uncle Steve with Aunt Nancy on a Vespa driving home on the 405.
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