Morrissey Kissed Full On The Mouth!


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He never used to mind being molested.Geez in the early days of the Smiths they`d all pile on stage and utterly molest him.He loved it.I went to a gig where he couldn`t get a word out for five whole minutes because he was covered in slobber.

Take the Will Never Marry vid as well,utterly loving it.:D

He``s gone all silly.He needs more cuddles however,not some leopard clad bint shoving her tongue down his throat.

However,by the looks of the woman who`s pounced on him i cannot wonder at his utter disgust.I mean who would wear such utterly dire and atrocious attire? Not a proper Morrissey fan.:p

I don't recall anyone trying to give him a full on snog before. Anyone would be a bit shocked.


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I wonder what morrissey`s reaction would have been if a handsome young man got up on stage and kissed him on the mouth :o:D that would be intresting


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this makes me wonder if this is the type of girls Mozz is attracting these days will he be featured on the next Rock of Love???/

perhaps that was to be the press conference announcement...

Mozz + VH1 - a match made in heaven :)

they could squeeze him into a timeslot inbetween Flavor Flav and Hulk Hogan, and don't think they haven't thought about it :)

gotta love America.


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His reaction is very endearing. I'm afraid my opinions of him would've been drastically changed if he'd enjoyed it.


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I wonder what morrissey`s reaction would have been if a handsome young man got up on stage and kissed him on the mouth :o:D that would be intresting

Men used to try to kiss him all the time back in the day. Isn't there one scene from Will Never Marry where some guy grabs Morrissey's face and tries to plant one on him, but he pulls away? I tend to think that he'd find a man kissing him much less icky than a woman, but that's just a guess... ;)

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I agree with Maybe, no-one should have to endure a full on kiss from a total stranger uninvited. I expect he appreciates a gentle hug from stage invaders, but you could get arrested for that in another situation.

Done to me, I'd put their lights out..


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Ugh... the downside of celebrity I guess. If it were a woman singing on stage who was molested by a stranger, no one would think it was cute at all. I know he must like attention, but... this just makes me cringe in sympathy. I wouldn't like it if it were me.


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aww poor poor Moz.
i bet she is a meat eater too....


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Her gesture was absolutely vile. I love the pic & his reaction tho- what a great kodak moment! I hope this chick doesn't ruin our chances elsewhere :p Pregs, I'm talking to you :)! oh and I can't believe she got a second chance. :confused: Just who did she pay off for that? Whatever. I'm sure she got to ram her tongue down someone's throat before the night was through. Do I smell airport?


he was probably disgusted at what she was wearing. Girls, you are either human or a leopard...decide now. you can't be both.


The irony of this woman attacking him in something that looks like animal hide is not lost on me. LOL.

She doesn't even know who he is.

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that skank better not have had a cold or there's gonna be some trouble!


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that skank better not have had a cold or there's gonna be some trouble!

Yeah really, because it would be NYC that he cancels. If she gets him sick I will personally find her & kick her a**. That's probably why he was so disgusted...strange people's bodily fluids....ewwww. I think that was so disrespectful ...and skanky.


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Yikes! Tension! Can you handle it?! haha.

Here is my take on the matter:

I think its disrespectful to the Moz but also to the rest of the fans. We are lucky that he is very willing to shake hands and touch the fans. Many other performers are not so giving in that way. He is so used to people rushing the stage and hugging him, it hasn't phased him in ages. But to have some ho stick her tongue in his mouth...ew! :mad: That is abusing his trust and potentially ruining it for the rest of us. Speaking of which if that whore did give him a cold, I'll clock her in the back of the head. No more cancelations!!! :mad:


endearing? what kind of man tells an entire audience that a womans kiss tastes like gasoline. kind of pathetic, I think..... he's no gentleman, he's proved that..... (this is as charming as telling the audience in berlin that their city is incredibly beautiful assuming this was warszaw....)

hey, moz was joking when he said that in berlin! of course, his humor is dry, which i love, and which is one of the many things that endears him to all of us. remember, he loves us and means it all in good fun.
mozzer is a little cutie. he didn't mean anything bad by that comment. sometimes things don't translate that well, that's all.
also, why would he say anything respectful about the woman you're speaking of? she certainly wasn't respectful of him. he's a better person than me. i would've slapped her.

p.s. he is a gentleman. in the best kind of way.
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I think that was mean, that he said that about her. It's almost a tradition to jump on stage, and he has encouraged that for so long. He is extremely attractive, his smell is an aphrodisiac- no wonder she got the extreme urge to kiss him!
The must be a smoker or something. But still, he shouldn't have said that. The girl must feel absolutely awful now.
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