Morrissey, Kanye and R Kelly - separating art from artist - Noisey

What It Really Means to Separate the Art from the Artist - Noisey
By Fergal Kinney

We spoke to Kanye, Brand New, R Kelly and Morrissey fans about that feeling when your fave becomes problematic.


What do you do when a musician you love becomes problematic; when major transgressions – both alleged and proven – leave you trying to separate the art from the artist? Between Morrissey bigging up Tommy Robinson, Kanye’s pre-yetweets in support of Trump and the #MeToo movement empowering survivors to come forward with historic abuse allegations against other artists, fans have had to face up to uncomfortable truths about the heroes they once placed on a pedestal and plastered across their walls.

Iain Hamilton, 48, Glasgow – Morrissey fan
Tom Fisher, 18, Gloucestershire – Morrissey fan
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Indeed, this Fergal Kinney idiot is just poop-talking, making unsubstantiated claims, and merely mimicking the fake-ass political correctness cops. Like, who did Morrissey cause a "problem" for? All I see him doing is providing the world with great music that no other artist can do or attempt to.


Where do all these DHs who write these stupid articles come from? Art school?
You have to be a true and total dork to worry about if the the guy who made a cd you bought is
A total loser.:straightface:


I'm a big fan of Buju Banton, so I'm kinda used to separating art from artist.

But I'm still pissed off with Moz for being so stupid and / or surrounding himself with yes men and falling for a load of alt right islamaphobic bullshit.

And yes it all feels tainted now. I haven't listened to any Moz or Smiths since the Spiegel inteview. I think this shit is important, and it's stupid to pretend otherwise.


Ugh. Lumping Moz/Kanye (and their misguided/naive courting of controversy) in with these f***ing perverted f***boys is pathetic. This just isn't important to me. Do I wish Moz would perhaps rethink his support for bigoted political parties? Yes. Do I wish Kanye would take back his support for Trump? Yes. That said, I feel that so much of this is counterproductive. We can't control these things. Just because an artist's views don't align completely with mine isn't grounds for me to disown them. Obviously everyone is different, and people are free to react to these things however they see fit. I personally just can't contribute to this noise.


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I'll never separate art from artist. Artists are people. I never knew a perfect person. I don't like perfection, I like art.


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Well, the man himself conflates eating meat with paedophilia, conflates the murder of children with McDonald's, etc.
I know, right? Once he had me so confused that I ate a child and had sex with a bucket of chicken. Up is down! Black is white! Morrissey is Fred Durst or wurst!


I wouldn't have a clue about the politics of - say - the Kingsmen. Doesn't stop Louie Louie being a great record.

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