Morrissey & Julie Christie?

joe frady

Vile Refusenik
Quickie ~ Listening to "Autobiography" again, í hear the bit where, after revealing he'd turned down Charlie Richardson's personal invitation to play him in a bio-pic, he reels off in amazement a smattering of the bright stars that have shot across his bow over the years. Alan Bennet, Dick Davalos, Anthony Newley í knew the details of, but he also lists Miss Julie Christie. í don't have anything in the memory bank regarding she and Morrissey. Perhaps the details were included in an earlier draft of "Autobiography", but then cut.

Are there any big noses who knows any more of prior references over the years to personal dealings between Morrissey & Christie? No reason, other than it would make me very happy.


Eli Terate

I'd love to make you happy, Joe, but no. It's a bit of a blur in me head between Julie Christie and the lady who plays Mary Poppins, I'm afraid.
Best I can do is ask my very good mate Sammy to ask his uncle and pray for him not to come up with another Prince reference.

With this (totally useless post) I bid you good night. :tiphat:
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