johnboy will collaborate with anybody,didnt even know yogi bear had a footwear line,ah well each to their own.

The shoes Marr is promoting were the same ones he had custom made for stagewear. Not just a random product.
They already have.
I thought the point might've been that Urban Love covering Suedehead proves Morrissey & co music is plenty diverse except U.L is not signed to BMG? o_O
Crap cover .
We are nearly half way through the year .
It seems we are not going to see BOT.
It's not even worth thinking about now.
Maybe someone will release Without Music, but it's not fecking looking good .
What does M and his mates do? Release an interview which hardly anyone wants to read and even if they did , they come away unimpressed. It's not gonna get anyone excited or get anyone interested .
If that wasn't bad his only communication with the world is bitter, defeated shit like this or fecking embarrassing ego shit "look there is a Smiths cover " as if that means anything, it's so embarrassing.

The only good thing M has done in the 18 months is play live .
That is it

Louis CK was semi canceled , he is back to playing huge feck off venues and he keeps a relationship with his fans with his website
I wish M would do this

It's like M wants to go with a record company because he knows he cant sell that much , so he makes more money with a label and he can feel like a "star " and respected and he can show the world he's the dogs ballsack

What is happening though is the longer he waits for a label the more unhappy and disrespected he feels and the more he makes stupid fecking comments, which make him look fecking dumb ass , more people laugh at him and he feels shat on and disrespected and on and fecking on it goes .
He knows he was a huge star , he knows it's recorded in music history
So he should just get on with it ,connect with the fans. He knew this was key in Smiths, he needs to go full circle
Have his own website, with his own label .
Release the odd EP , LP limited editions and
Digital compilations ,
Live digital releases , Demos
He could gave pro filmed concerts you can stream on it
Have two part 3 hour documentary with M talking to Linder .
In studio footage , M talking taking us through some of his films , books ,music and England .
Talking us through his favourite songs of his own.
He could give us own little lecture twice a year ,Shit like that it could be awesome.
But he just doesn't give a shit and it shows
This. This is it. This is the answer to the problem. Morrissey’s problem. This is what he should do. f***ing well said, Dirk.

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