Morrissey is mine


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Morrissey is mine.

I recently pulled all the stuff I collected in the 80's and early 90's out of my attic. Looking through brought back some great memories. But they are just that, memories of a captured and transitioning time.

Morrissey is mine, personally. That's it. No collective with others, just me. I see it as relevant to who I am today as who I was 30 years ago. Mind you I made a conscious decision in the 90's to keep him the same to me as I left him (metaphorically speaking) until today. I have not been to a concert since 96'. I have bought every album and single of course and found something that resonated inside me somewhere in them. I certainly am not interested in his book as that just might change the way I see him. I see him as perfect for the time of my life he kept me company.

I don't have any Morrissey friends. I just have friends. My wife had never heard him when we met. To my wife and kids, it's just something I listen to in the car on a long drive, they are oblivious to what it means to me. Exactly the way I like it.

I guess I just got on and made my life having reconciled the things he spoke about as a transitory stage. I still relate, it's just not current and immediate.

I think Morrissey let me know I am who I am and it doesn't matter what other people think or do. I think this spawned a sense of confidence that I am whole for who I am. I am singularly driven to what I think is right in the world. I have no tolerance for anything or anyone that will disrupt that. In essence, I am alone. But with this perspective is the only reason i am capable of being with other people. Because I don't need someone, I can be with someone, because I want to, not because I need to.

I think a lot of older, sorted out, Morrissey fans are like me. When he came out with all you need is me. I was like yeah that is me. I thought of the shark infested job I have. Thinking f you, I produce, eat that, hope your not staying up at night over this. He is still relevant to me today.

Morrissey has had a tremendous positive impact on my life. You know what I like now, my new zipp 303's for 70.3's. We all need to cling something.

Written on the phone while listening to someone drivel on.


That's a lovely way to accept Morrissey. I wouldn't go looking too much on these forums though.

Oh my god. it's Robby!

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1. "Morrissey is mine."
love this statement, I actually use it when teaching possessive in my younger classes
2. awesome username :thumb:
3. as for the post, its an OK 1st one, defo better than my 1st one which was: "I like soup." :o:lbf:
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