Morrissey is a fan of Smash Mouth, apparently

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    I don't meant to change the subject here but... sooooomebody once told me:

    Morrissey is a fan of Smash Mouth, apparently - NME
    The two acts recently played a show together in Mexico


    Morrissey is a fan of ‘All Star’ hitmakers Smash Mouth, according to the band themselves at least.

    The US band recently spoke to Stereogum to mark their 20th anniversary as a band, when they revealed that they once met the former Smiths frontman and that he was “very complimentary” about them.

    Jamie Stephens sends the link to the original article in Stereogum:

    Q&A: Steve Harwell On 20 Years Of Smash Mouth And Coming To Terms With All Those “All Star” Memes - Stereogum

    Near the bottom:

    STEREOGUM: You mentioned being on the road all the time, what’s the most memorable show you’ve played in the last few years or so?

    HARWELL: We just did a show in Guadalajara, Mexico, the Roxy Fest, with Morrissey, which was super, super cool.

    STEREOGUM: Did you get to meet Morrissey?

    HARWELL: Yeah! It was brief. But super weird and cool. He was great.

    STEREOGUM: Is he a fan?

    HARWELL: Yeah, he was very complimentary toward us.
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Discussion in 'General Discussion archive 2017 (read-only)' started by klaus, Jul 7, 2017.

    1. hand in glove
    2. SuedeMoz
      File this under Very Unpredictable
    3. mcrickson
      His world's on fire - how 'bout yours?
    4. Anonymous
      I shot both Morrissey and Smash Mouth at that festival in Guadalajara. Was stood by a couple of the SM guys during Moz's set and they couldn't stop saying how good Moz/band were. Don't wanna mention names, but the one guy said he wasn't really a big fan previously, but having seen Moz play, he said ... and I quote "I get it now". The command he had of the audience and the perfect delivery, sound, etc. As a long time Smiths/Moz fan, it made me smile. Even later on back in the SM dressing room, Moz continued to come up in conversation... all complimentary. It was cool.
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    5. Anonymous
      maybe morrissey was just being polite for a change.
    6. bhops
      I find it perfectly feasible that Moz would enjoy a pacific post party.
    7. terrancestamp
      It's called being nice. It does not mean he is a fan of one of the worst bands of all time. Those songs are so insipid!
      I can hear it now a great quote from the young Morrissey on how bad they are......someone feel free to finish the quote
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    8. Anonymous
      If smash mouth were on some cool indie label and been living on peoples couches or their van and playing for 500 people for the last twenty years, all the same people who hate them now would be the ones making a mess all over themselves over their greatness.
    9. marred
      I just got about 3 seconds into one of their songs. Ugh! Are they called smash mouth because that's what you want to do to the singer's mouth when he opens it?
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    10. Milou
      jon sudano is biggest big mouth fan

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