Morrissey is #1 on PlayLouder's Top 50 Albums Of The Year


Boards Of Candida

Also # 7 and #36 on their Top 50 Singles listing.


1 You Are The Quarry

PlayLouder got all over-excited in the run-up to 'You Are The Quarry', spuffing with such effulgence that Morrissey's quiff would hardly have needed to sniff the Brylcreem for time. And rightly so, for in his time away Morrissey had distilled himself, in the process coming up with a refined malt of all the themes and sounds of his long and lustrous career. So you have bits of God and moaning about chums, songs that hark back to Irish things with Oliver Cromwell, and lots of general mincing around being oddly buff and rather arch. Rumour has it that this could be Morrissey's swansong - if so, what a fine way to bow out.


7 First Of the Gang to Die

With his 2004 comeback now safely assured, Moz had the opportunity to stray into less brooding waters with this, his modern camp classic. The story of a young tough winding up on the wrong side of a pistol, 'The First Of The Gang To Die' may well have been Morrissey's answer to the gang-mentality of his new home, LA. Or, y'know, maybe not. But it certainly was this: a feel-good singalong that echoed all that gubbins about international playboys, and its position in the pop chart (peaking at Number 6), not to mention in our own annual 50 and the Japanese karaoke booths of Soho, just goes to show just what a triumphant brain-sticker it really was.

PlayLouder said "So giggle while you jiggle, and wallow in the whimsy of it all, and while you enjoy it think about poor Brett Anderson who will probably be listening and wondering where it all went wrong"

36 Irish Blood, English Heart

There were rumblings that Morrissey was coming back and he had a great record in the offing. Then we heard the songs and received them like prodigal children when he performed them at the Royal Albert Hall, but there was still nothing tangible to grasp. At this point PlayLouder ran a 76-day campaign in anticipation of the great Manc's first record in 7 years, and following all the anticipation it was even better than we'd hoped. The naysayers were confounded by its brilliance, even though they would never admit it. 'Irish Blood, English Heart' was the best thing in the charts, and Morrissey's relevance could no longer be questioned.

PlayLouder said: "'Irish Blood, English Heart' is so totally Single Of The Week. I am jumping about my front room right now. Stopping off to clatter out lines every eight bars. Shit looks illegible, but I'll sort it on the spell check later. Jump jump jump."
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