Morrissey interview + Polaroid photo in German Spiegel magazine

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    "Ich bin für Klartext" - Spiegel Online

    (Excerpt before paywall via Google Translate)

    Morrissey's worldview "I'm for plain text"

    "Morrissey praises the Brexit referendum, defends Kevin Spacey and calls Berlin a "rape capital" because of its open borders. seriously?"

    Whether the Briton Steven Patrick Morrissey, 58, a musician just Morrissey calls, now Genius is or Schrat, self-actor or choleric poet, will probably never settle final. Certainly the man from Manchester, who became famous in the eighties as a singer of pop band The Smiths, is a great eccentric of pop. Whether concert or interview, he maintains the pose of the diva. The meeting took place on the occasion of his new album "Low in High School" in Los Angeles; It was arranged at very short notice and then postponed several times, domination gestures want to be maintained. After all, Morrissey is ready to talk. However, the photographer is referred by one of his managers rude of the room: "Get out of my hotel!" The Polaroid photo was taken by the interviewer.

    An interview with Juliane Liebert


    SPIEGEL: Mr Morrissey, in your new song "Spent the Day in Bed", you recommend that you no longer see any news. A serious proposal?

    Morrissey: Yes. People should stop doing so for their own sanity. You have to stop. The news is just social engineering, and it's about control, not information. There are no more messages. Only control.

    SPIEGEL: That sounds like Trump's fake news, but you just spoke out against Trump at a concert.

    Morrissey: Trump has received so much attention, especially when compared to other candidates - Bernie Sanders, for example. Although the media said he will not win, every day, all the headlines: Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump! The American media helped Trump, yes, they first created it. Whether they criticize him or laugh at him, he does not care, he just wants to see his picture and his name. The American media have shot themselves in the leg. Since he was in power, he has exhausted the world. He grabs after everything like a little child. He is not a leader. He is a vermin. A huge vermin.

    SPIEGEL: Do you think that he will be re-elected?

    Full transcript (Google Translate to English), original German text posted by Cornflakes

    Media coverage:
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    1. 001
      On Jacky being about fucking Brexit:

      "That's the idiocy I have to live with. The journalists say I say something I do not say. The song is not political. That's absolute nonsense, and they never apologize to me. They just want to be negative."

      On Israel:
      "You should never judge a people by their government"

      You don't have to try and debunk the racist/dislike bollocks that some tools claim FWD. They'll say it anyway. If only they took a look at his new album and noticed who he's dedicated it to? Or looked at the tour pic of Muhammad Ali etc. But no. They spew bollocks. Fuck 'em!
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    2. BrummieBoy
      Google translate:

      'Sie bleibt still, was sehr interessant ist. Aber ich bin traurig, dass Berlin die Vergewaltigungshauptstadt geworden ist.

      She stays silent, which is very interesting. But I'm sad that Berlin has become the rape capital.'
    3. smiler
      "Did you see the thing on the news about their treatment of animals and animal welfare? Absolutely horrific. You can't help but feel that the Chinese are a subspecies."

      To me this quote (which may or may not be accurate) is constantly and purposefully taken out of context and is simply an attempt to express how inhumane or sub-human he feels it is for a culture to allow explict and horriffic animal cruelty (skinning dogs alive in this instance). The target is not the race, it is the cruelty and the culture that allows it.
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    4. ACTON
      I wish he would avoid talking if he's just going to upset everyone all the time. That Kevin Spacey part of the interview is very dodgy.
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    5. BrummieBoy
      Which part of this interview supports your views?
    6. gustavo
      I have been a fan for 30 years. I will not buy this new album. I will not go to see any new concerts. I find this man now to be out of touch and, to put it kindly, misinformed. I'm done. Adiós, pinche Morrissey, me rompiste el puto corazón.
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    7. 001
      What did you find funny about my comment?
    8. BrummieBoy
      There are Chinese Vegans. There has been for centuries. Morrissey's ignorance of compassionate strands of Chinese culture with regard to animals is no defence for his grotesque slandering of 1.3 billion people as a homogenised mass. Cows are just as intelligent as dogs yet Morrissey supports their continued enslavement to produce Cheese even to this day!
    9. BrummieBoy
      The gratuitous use of the word 'fucking'.
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    10. DrStatham
      Is that Google Translate? If so, then the bits I have looked at are surprisingly accurate.

      All the same, well I don't think he has said anything too controversial RE Spacey... But the multiculturalism comments... Well I guess it kinda spells out what we all thought from smaller clues. I don't think racist is the word, because clearly he likes other races, but I just think it is ignorant and hypocritical to ignore human suffering and just say 'France be French', 'Germany be German'.
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    11. BrummieBoy
      It's calculated. Yet another attempt to troll. Totally inept & clumsy claim that history provides justification for predation.
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    12. 001
      Read it in the intended tone.
    13. Anonymous
      I honestly think this interview is going to lead to a flurry of 'Bigmouth Strikes Again' headlines tomorrow from the outraged left-wing media, once they spot it - although, with an album to promote - maybe that's what Morrissey wants?

      I don't agree with everything that Morrissey says, but I do admire his total inability to be politically correct, and say whatever the fuck he feels like. There aren't many - possibly any - other celebrities out there who would defend Kevin Spacey. He's going to get it in the neck, big style though.
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    14. g23
      Oh geez.
    15. Emma
      The part about rape and open borders is going to get him into trouble, oh my ...
    16. Anonymous
      Does this mean you won't be ruining the end of 'Speedway' by singing on it anymore, Gustavo? If so - bravo.
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    17. BrummieBoy
      I think his words are extremely problematic. I was in Dusseldorf this summer and noticed the efforts being made to help Syrian refugees settle in. Claiming that 'real Germans' are 'historic Germans' can only have one logical interpretation: New Germans aren't 'real Germans'. Germany is a proposition nation. So is England. They are not 'historic blood-line cultures'. It is very challenging to offer a view that suggests the only 'real Germans' are those who exhibit the traditional historic cultural motifs of Germany.

      I googled 'Berlin rape capital' and the top three news stories related to a donkey rape. Perhaps that's why he's so upset.
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    18. Anonymous
      Intelligent cows? All a cow can do is eat grass and make emissions all day. Not exactly up there with brain surgery.
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    19. smiler
      Youre a moron and youre not worth debating with, youve prove it far too often. He's expressing his disgust at the cruetly and the cuture that allows it, its an expression, "you can't help but feel" he doesn't actually assert anything, its a replused reaction having watched dogs being skinned alive in a public market....
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    20. Anonymous


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