Morrissey interview on the Word June 09 issue


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I think there might be one. He's on the front cover anyway, next to a rather large and ugly looking picture of Iggy.

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Re: Morrissey interview on the Word this month

it's an old interview from Filter magazine. still quite interesting though.
there's no chance Moz would grant Word an interview after the totally unfunny utter tit that is David Quantocks was let loose on the greatest hits review last year!

better still is more stuff from Chrissie Hynde who starts singing a verse of Shame is the Name (apparently a Moz impression!) during the interview.
really wish 'Shame' had been released as a single. it's about as good as modern day Moz gets. wonderfully melodic and much more likely to have got airplay than Paris and Skull...


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'Shame' is very catchy.

I didn't rate it much on first hearing but it really got under my skin...
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