Morrissey interview in Teraz Muzyka (Sep. 2018 issue, Poland)

Morrissey z ważnym apelem do prezydenta Andrzeja Dudy - Teraz Musyka

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Morrissey with an important appeal to President Andrzej Duda
In the "Now Rock" granted to the interview, Morrissey touched on many topics that were important to him - not only musical but also world-view. He even appealed to the president of our country.

Morrissey is one of the heroes of the September issue of "Teraz Rocka", which since yesterday is available for sale. The artist was interviewed by our editor, Jacek Nizinkiewicz , and the men talked about many issues important to the music - including his health condition, "This Is Morrissey" compilation , as well as plans for coming to Poland.

The September 'Teraz Rock' is now on sale

At the end of the conversation, the subject of Morrissey's veganism and quite sharp views, which he voices in this regard:

You have been a vegan for a long time and defend animal rights. During one of the concerts in Poland, you talked about the KFC network as Kentucky f***ing Chicken. Meanwhile, in Poland it is a popular fastfood, which even President Andrzej Duda comes to.

I would like to remind him that the meat industry is the biggest threat to the environment. If you eat at KFC, you support abuses in the field of environmental protection. It's worth being part of the vegan world, not McDonald's.

Morrissey also admitted that the media - especially the British ones - are very unfair to him, but he is grateful to the fans for their support. This and much more, however, you will find in a conversation published in the latest "Teraz Rocka" .

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Unfair? For stating the fact that he is a racist? Tough shit buster, you started that one.

hat the shit does he know about Poland. I only know their mints. If he thinks Sinatra is above the beatles hes f***ed.
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