Morrissey interview in Teraz Muzyka (Sep. 2018 issue, Poland)

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    Morrissey z ważnym apelem do prezydenta Andrzeja Dudy - Teraz Musyka

    Google Translate to English:

    Morrissey with an important appeal to President Andrzej Duda
    In the "Now Rock" granted to the interview, Morrissey touched on many topics that were important to him - not only musical but also world-view. He even appealed to the president of our country.

    Morrissey is one of the heroes of the September issue of "Teraz Rocka", which since yesterday is available for sale. The artist was interviewed by our editor, Jacek Nizinkiewicz , and the men talked about many issues important to the music - including his health condition, "This Is Morrissey" compilation , as well as plans for coming to Poland.

    The September 'Teraz Rock' is now on sale

    At the end of the conversation, the subject of Morrissey's veganism and quite sharp views, which he voices in this regard:

    You have been a vegan for a long time and defend animal rights. During one of the concerts in Poland, you talked about the KFC network as Kentucky Fucking Chicken. Meanwhile, in Poland it is a popular fastfood, which even President Andrzej Duda comes to.

    I would like to remind him that the meat industry is the biggest threat to the environment. If you eat at KFC, you support abuses in the field of environmental protection. It's worth being part of the vegan world, not McDonald's.

    Morrissey also admitted that the media - especially the British ones - are very unfair to him, but he is grateful to the fans for their support. This and much more, however, you will find in a conversation published in the latest "Teraz Rocka" .

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    1. Anonymous
      Cancer of the imagination
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    2. Anonymous
      Easy for you to say.
      Whether it's pre - cancerous or not, all you hear is cancer and for someone who has always been healthy it's a shock and takes time to come to terms with. And the fact that it requires follow up to stay healthy keeps it in your mind
      If you can't put yourself in someone else's shoes,ar least try to have a heart.
    3. NealCassidy
    4. Anonymous
      I was at that one. And my mate caught Moz's tambourine (he still has it). It was funny, he didnt want to hold it for the whole gig so he went out into the foyer and asked a member of staff to look after it until after the show. As we left the gig he couldn't believe the guy was still holding it for him.

      Happy days. When Moz was good.
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    5. countthree
      I'm not so sure. Cancer is a word that includes a lot of conditions. Sometimes it's just a matter of degrees. I was diagnosed with celiac disease by means of a biopsy. If the level of damage had been higher I would had been diagnosed with cancer. Sometimes (most of times, in fact) it isn't black or white. In medicine, as in every branch of human knowledge, it is more what we ignore than what we know, especially when we are not academics.
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    6. vegan cro spirit 55
      vegan cro spirit 55

      Very well put and explained.:thumb:
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    7. Linder S.
      Linder S.
      Yes, that’s exactly right! Even having stage 0 esophageal cancer does change the image of yourself as a healthy and robust person, at least it did for me. Especially if one is prone to anxiety and worry (as I am) it’s a real mind fuck. Just like Morrissey, all I heard was “cancer”! No matter it was stage 0, that was still unwelcome news.
      However, I got three EMR procedures over 17 months, wherein the cancerous cells are scraped off and they were successful in my case.
      After having clear tests for a decade, I have relaxed some but I can admit that any little ache or pain can cause great worry for a recurrence. I have adjusted my lifestyle as much as I can to minimize stress and illness and take my meds religiously and that’s all I can do.
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    8. Linder S.
      Linder S.
      Thank you, Peppermint! I am too. :)
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    9. Anonymous
      If it takes 3 gallons of water /11.36 liters of waters to make one sheet of paper...

      How much water is needed to make one shitty autobio or just one shitty music mag?

      Multiply by how many were printed...

      The first person with the correct answer wins a stay at "environmentally concerned Morrissey" 's favourite L.A hotel, including use of the pool (although not at the same time as him; obviously.)

      If you love Maths, you can also calculate how many fresh towels he has used since he was born...:thumb:

      But yeah, he's so very worried about the environment, Morrissey. Wakes up at 4 A.M thinking about it I'm sure.:rolleyes: "Poor kids! What future will they have? And I won't even be around to cheer them up with my music!"
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    10. Famous when dead
      Famous when dead
      Well, I returned to the article to continue decrypting it - it just gets more incoherent the more I type.
      I'm assuming that's the translation and not Morrissey ;)
      So, humbly, I will cease and hope a multilingual member helps everyone out and finishes translating the article.
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    11. JoeSellMozza
      Thank you for your work! Looking forward to it.
    12. Oh my god. it's Robby!
      Oh my god. it's Robby!
      So an Englishman willing to ask for a bilingual Poles help? twice now, good for you
      but doubt you’ll find one here at this site :squiffy:
    13. Gejo
      E-mails can also be edited and lost in translation. Unfortunately he's not safe from that. Then again, I guess there're still some good and honest journalists around.
    14. Evangelic
      Yes, but at least he can express himself in an email interview. The print interviews are the journalist's perception of him. He can now avoid the, "I walked into the hotel room to find Morrissey and a girl getting it on with a hairbrush. Also he said this quote which, in my opinion is fully racist-like."
    15. Anonymous
      Ill tell you about health issues mate, you multi millionaires make me sick. Bet you haven't laid on concrete for three hours waiting for the shitty nhs ambulance. Then tell us about health issues.
    16. Anonymous
      I had precancerous cells about thirty years ago and had laser treatment im still standing
    17. Pablo Honey
      Pablo Honey
      I understand it. I can also read azbuka.:tiphat:
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    18. Anonymous
    19. Anonymous
      To put the beatles behind that American geezer hes got some cheek what did Sinatra ever writet oh that's it fuck all ive lost count of the beatles
    20. Surface
      Yes very happy days, I was there too and am on the introducing Morrissey video which my kids find hilarious!

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