Morrissey interview in Suississimo - "Lausanne is very much my first home"

Link from David:

by Amy Araya

Publié le 23 septembre 2015 par zieggla
After two cancellations in the past year, on October 4th Morrissey is finally coming to the Métropole in Lausanne, a city he says has been a home for many years. In a new interview with the singer, Morrissey talks about the state of affairs for the music and media industry, the ties between music, politics and cultural identity, his first novel and how he is not about to « slow down and shut up ». Following his recent call for UK prime minister David Cameron to resign, as well as claims that he won’t be performing in the UK again. Morrissey opens up about how his music is moving forward and away from the place where he began. Morrissey’s novel List of the Lost is out this Thursday through Penguin.

UPDATE Oct. 1:

The interview is published in French at La Côte:

Morrissey interview La Côte (French) - Oct. 1, 2015
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Wasn't it said/leaked here quite awhile ago that Morrissey lived in Switzerland? Or is it Sweetzerland? Hmmmm. Anyway.


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Here we go again....He lives in LA!!!! What is the deal with the "tax reasons" that all you people always come up with? There can't be any accountants on this board.

I have to say too, he is very visible in LA. He goes out to eat at Italian restaurants and concerts. Just do some research on this site idiots.


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of course its for tax reasons.

well U2 and the Rolling Stones have their management, or financial issues
in the Netherlands, so it could be He has, but for healthy reasons and way
exclusive and beautifull to live, went to Lausanne. I won't say it's a bad choice

'and they say he's mentall' ...fifa..


It's like me and Manchester.
In Reality, I was once given a basket there by 2 boys, no questions asked, no hidden catch. I slept.
One of these days
you'll go back to your home.

It's one of those "unexplainable" things, I guess.

next stop: Altrincham! ("Never!Disgust!")

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