Morrissey interview in La Vanguardia (Spanish/Catalan newspaper, April 29, 2015)

Victor writes:

Morrissey: "No importa lo que cante..., nunca me confunden con otro"
- La Vanguardia
El músico británico actúa hoy en la sala Razzmatazz para presentar 'World peace is none of your business'
By Esteban Linés

It is pay per read, but it is free here:

La Vanguardia PressReader

Happy to go to the concert tonight ;-)

Google Translate to English:

"No matter what you sing ... I never confuse me with another"
Morrissey, musician, now works at Razzmatazz

Six months after its passage through the Sant Jordi Club, where he presented his new album, World peace is none of your business, the British Morrissey returns with performances in Barcelona (Razzmatazz today, 21 h), and the SOS 4.8 festival ( Friday in Murcia). Always controversial, scathing, ironic and often brilliant journalistic singer is tasty meat.

Last fall we learned that being treated for cancer. How are you now? There are certain things that I have to watch, but you still should not rush to write an obituary. Obviously, when the doctor mentioned cancer, one assumes instantly that has four hours to live. I have no intention of dying, which is bad news for many people!

You came to act in the fall, and now returns. Any particular reason? Spain had always been difficult because in the past seemed to be no concert halls ... Yes, I know it sounds crazy thing. But the country seems to me better than ever welcome. Now I have many invitations to sing in countries where there was no interest before, so I have something that still motivates.

In this new show, you will offer something new, changes in the repertoire, different videos? Possibly. I think that does not matter much to sing songs ... Never confuse me with another.

What you do affects the public reaction? I'm very lucky because the audience always very interested. It's just that the music industry is not interested ... because there is nothing in me stereotyped. If you are original, you do not belong anywhere.

His relations with the cas discográfi- have traditionally been difficult. His break with the past, Harvest, was front-page news. How does the issue now? I have no relationship with Harvest! Was only one person, Steve Barnet [company president], who attempted to sabotage World peace is none of your business. It is a very foolish person, eat animals and was angry because I did not want to work with a video director who had made films for McDonalds. Unfortunately, there are people like Barnett.

Do not you ever thought that the music industry is not the height that you deserve? I have never been promoted in my career. I've never been able to find a single executive of one of those companies that wanted to do right. I always run into unimaginative record.

Ringo Starr one weeks ago and Lou Reed were induced into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. A little late, is not it? Yes, a little late. I also heard that night foie gras was served to everyone ... which is shocking because, as you know, the foie gras is produced in circumstances of unimaginable horror for birds.

Is there a difference between being a crooner and a rock singer? I'm not a rock star! I understand more singers like Al Martino that ... well, I'm not even able to think of a rock singer!

Among his future projects, consider reaching record an album of standards? I tried to do for many, many years, but the opportunity does not appear. Maybe if I have 72 years. In other words, pretty soon.

News of the day usually distressing. What do you think, for example, the tragedy of African refugees from the island of Lampedusa? I wonder what would be the world's reaction if the refugees had been targeted. It would have been a massive global campaign to rescue them all! I think there are many nations that are absolutely fed up with being poor, and they know that their poverty is a deliberate political compromise. When you are poor you are constantly engaged in being poor, and you realize that the people who acquire wealth is the same people who are already rich. It is in favor of Western interests that the situation continues, namely, that African people can not move, and people are tired of not being able to rightly.

Changing scenario, how do you see the immediate elections in their country? Disinterest in national elections in Britain is phenomenal. I would not vote because of my concerns are never mentioned by the major parties. None of them mentioned the fact that the greatest threat to human life and the environment is the meat industry. (...) Instead, we are told that the Islamic State and North Korea are our biggest enemies, but the real weapons of mass destruction are McDonalds, KFC, Burger King ... and others like it.

"I have never promoted; I have always run into unimaginative record "" I'm not a rock singer: I am not even able to think of a rock singer! "
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Oh, I know! So typical and weak. Now you know why I'm not a people person. :p

Why don't you get a life dimwit! Accept the fact that others have an opinion that differs from yours. The reason you are not a people person, isn't the fact that you do not like people. Its because I assume no one can stand your company for more than a minute. Now twirl your hair, chew your gum and save the nasty barbs for the poor unsuspecting costumers you meet at the local poundland store that you work in.
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