Morrissey interview in La Tercera (Chile, in Spanish)

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    Morrissey: "Si yo pudiera, cantaría en cada pueblo y ciudad de Chile" - La Tercera

    El inglés habla con La Tercera sobre por qué aceptó venir a Viña 2012 y de cómo será su retorno al país, que también incluirá un show en Santiago.

    por Claudio Vergara

    Some roughly translated quotes:

    "If I could, I would sing in every town in Chile."

    "Yes, the first time I got to Santiago I was very surprised to see a huge billboard with my face. I could not believe it. I've never had a welcome and in another city, the reception was better than anywhere else. In addition, I came very early, at seven o'clock, and had many people waiting at the airport. I was overcome with such emotion."

    2012 awaits the possible publication of a memoir to be released in December under the British publisher Penguin Books. "In addition, after Chile and South America I'm going to play in Japan and Korea. I also have been offered an extensive U.S. tour," he adds about his projects this year, just when it meets three decades since its emergence in the music scene with The Smiths.
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Discussion in 'General Discussion archive 2012 (read-only)' started by mmi, Feb 12, 2012.

    1. PinkFloyd
      I just copied and paste from Bing(yea it's not too good).

      Did you know something of the Festival de Viña? What about being in an event of this style?

      No, but I do not need any explanation or greater incentives to return to Chile. If I could, he played in every village and every town in the country. But I know, unfortunately, is not something that can be implemented or realize.
      Taking into account the festival television profile, how is your show?
      I will sing my best songs 22 stronger than I can, with my mood and my capacities at its highest level. And this is not in all intergalactic lights, or special effects, and a group of 100 dancers behind me, or a scenario which ends up exploding. Nothing of the sort. To me I just my show to be based on the strength of the song, without any distractions.

      It is her third time in the country. Do you have some memories of the previous two, in 2000 and 2004?

      Yes, the first time I came to Santiago much surprised to see a huge billboard with my face, with all the skyline behind him. I could not believe. He had never before had a welcome well in another city, reception was better than anywhere else. In addition, I arrived very early, at seven in the morning, and had a lot of people waiting for me at the airport. I was doblegado with so much emotion.
      Local worship
      And the matter is reciprocal. Estadio Víctor Jara, who were in 2000, today will recall that the British appeared timely, with fans that waited it with gladiolus and destemplados cries. Moz responded to treating them of "All my chilean children!", that joked qualifying it as "bathing the city's largest", which called for cigarettes, who threw a couple of jokes to Simply Red, who added the word Santiago in the verses of the beautiful Now my heart is full and that omitted one handful of no less than their older hymns. Which four years later came to San Carlos de Apoquindo, to close the first night of the festival, SUE, will recall that it was equally loquacious, he joined his massive compositions, which appeared dressed as a priest and which fueled the traditional geographical frictions to compare the Chilean fans with their Argentine counterparts.
      Table sets two categorical truths. First, the former The Smiths still perseveres in this custom into disuse talk at each show, say from today until the State of mind of the hearing, in counterpoint with contemporaries like Robert Smith or most current frontman, as Thom Yorke and Michael Stipe. Indeed, it is not unreasonable to think that something plot for your night at the Quinta Vergara.
      Second, the man of Everyday is like sunday has raised surrounding his figure a cult that does not depend on radio rotations or multiplatinos sales. At least for someone who grew up in the eighties days that The Smiths had no Manager and do battle with promotional flaws that explain their fleeting lives. "This devotion still surprises me", establishes. Rather, it's a reverence for a personality with clear principles – from their veganism to their love of cats, or the world in sepia 50-towards an artistic imprint which can still claim some independence and a work that sister sensibility and attitude.

      Chilean fans bought tickets before the name oficializara in the ticketera. How do you explain their tight bond with his followers?

      I feel that the public in Chile acts very similarly to what happens in countries as Mexico. I have seen how people sing strong each of the words in my songs. They are very passionate. And what captivates me is that, in most of these countries, I have more space on the radio stations, basically, because I am not a techno artist - dance. For this reason, I always wonder how so many people in Chile can you know about me.

      Do you feel that, even today, its mark as an artist has unique features?

      I am an artist totally unusual, because not me I bassus in promotion or massive publicity, so sometimes I is difficult to assess whether people want to see me again. But, curiously, always do so!

      And you think that still happens?

      Really, I do not want to be a celebrity, and not even want to interest me all false advertising on my figure. I am here only for my songs and if people, like which has bought my tickets in Chile you like... then I'm going to continue singing them. It is as simple as that.
      So simple - and with that same faith in their creations--seems to have been the last decade of the artist. Although his return to Santiago and Viña 2012 it will get hand of his classic repertoire, English is preceded by one of its most brilliant seasons. After seven years without releasing an album, in 2004 ventured into a return that, unwittingly, topped in a trilogy contained without problems among the best of his career: You are the quarry (2004), Ringleader of the tormentors (2006) and Years of refusal
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    2. Anonymous
      I am so excited. I want to see Morrissey! This is fantastic news that he will be touring here soon. Does anyone know exactly when he will be coming?

      I just miss him so much.
      And I Love him. Always.

    3. Anonymous
      I would LOVE for MORRISSEY to tour the U.S again this year!!! Nothing would make me happier than to see MORRISSEY appear live on stage. He is truly THE GREATEST singer/songwriter of ALL TIME. NO ONE is greater than MOZ. Plus, MORRISSEY is outrageously HANDSOME. He always has been and he always will be. NO ONE IS HOTTER THAN MOZ.
    4. lindsey1151
      He's so hot even the straight men think he's cute!
    5. Anonymous
      Why wouldn't they ... he is straight. Isn't he?
    6. 21punksalute
      "If I could, I would sing in every town in Chile" translates to "last minute cancellation without explanation"
      See you in the refund line
    7. celibate
      Touring is his only way to make money, without a recorddeal, which he
      even said not wanted anymore

      So this summer Morrissey again on some summerfestivals though I hope in
      some way he releases his new songs, they're not that spectaculair good, but
      just some unreleased songs, maybe via Rhino

      btw too much newsitems lately, I'm a 2 days behind, Whithney Houston's dead
      the cause of that

      ' Houston we have a problem ':lbf:

      [read on facebook from a Dutch women]
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    9. jdbabz
      sheesh... I thought everyone knew that Morrissey is a lesbian.... come on
    10. Anonymous
      Oh, you are a card!

      Ever thought about writing a sitcom? It'd be half an hour of absolute piss, so mindboggingly unclear that even the subtitles wouldn't help you.

      In other news, shut up soon Cry.
    11. Anonymous
      You mean the site where the person in charge tries to steal people's money and then bans them from her message board ("indefinitely") when the theft is exposed?
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