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    Apr 30, 2015
    Talk about passion - Boulder Weekly
    Morrissey's never one to shy away from how he feels... about anything
    By Kyle Eustice

    "Humor is a very personal thing,” Morrissey said. “But I’m thankful that the people who consider me to be depressing are always in themselves very dull, whereas those who understand my humor are always very bright people.”
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    1. BrummieBoy
      Re: Morrissey interview in Boulder Weekly

      Oh dear....where would one even begin to debunk this ludicrous ventilation of tired old tropes and re-hashed embellished memories? We could begin with the bizarre claim that his schooling was especially difficult, even though he has been publicly challenged as to the veracity of his claims/refutations around 'inappropriate' teachers...16 years of free state education which he flunked, but it's always somebody else's fault. It's simply not credible to accept his views on his schools as most of his peers do not recall any such sinister environment, it appears to be a post-factum confection to suggest trial and tribulations when there was merely a loving, cosseted mother indulging the apprentice diva.

      I love the Vocal Martyr histrionic ending. Thank goodness we also have Ralf Hutter and Florian Schneider as antidote/antithesis to this pathetic attempt to re-instate The Hegemony Of The Voice in popular music. He's no different that the cavalry of Melisma merchants on X Factor/BGT who sadly imagine that a 'good voice' is all you need. Morrissey's voice has been trained like a military cadet. It wasn't very good when he started out, it's all a result of careerist training and discipline, he'd have made a good TDF cyclist. Ralf Hutter, at 67, can do 2 shows a night and with his 84 hour work-week you know that Morrissey wishes he could keep up with the real uber-mensches like Ralf and Mick Jagger, but he can't.

      I'm busy watching the Tour De France now but I'll get back to this later when I've nothing better to do....

      in MAMIL mode
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    2. Anonymous
      thanks dot matrix, which i only know because of halt and catch fire (and originally thought it was dominatrix), that was a nice read.

      "That really knocks you on the head for the rest of your life because your introduction to the world is mainly an understanding of how violent and unpleasant people are. I didn’t experience one school day where I felt safe, and this scars you forever.”

      i empathize with this statements and its very truthful sentiment . i also of course super liked this quote as well

      "I am not a performer. I am not an act, and this is not a career.”

      it sometimes seems like people want him to be this and its opposite simultaneously
    3. Anonymous
      He so dull and boring now :(
    4. Jeffrey7777
      "In a society lacking boundaries, positive models and a sense of morality, all ethics have seemingly gone out the window, especially in pop culture and mainstream media."

      I couldn't agree more. I'm liking the e-mail interviews more and more. I get his humor, that's why I read the autobiography three times. I'm not Mensa but I consider myself very bright, thanks for the compliment Morrissey.
    5. Anonymous


      Morrissey will be signing a very limited number of his latest release on vinyl ( available in store on the day limited to 23 per person ). Titled ' KERRYGOLD ' It features a host of songs that have had a huge influence on his vegetarian career.
      "I've wanted to do this album since the earth was created" he said in an e-mail interview with his Mum Betty, " I just hope those that didn't make the final track listing won't be to put out, but who knows ? ( now that's what I call music only meant to release one album ! and they're still "churning" it out ! ( KERCHING! ).
      KERRYGOLD also features a rare collaboration with John Shuttleworth on the track ' Can't go back to savoury now ', " I've always admired Johns work, particularly live, he doesn't ' perform ' he's not a circus act or seal, but something just takes over, it's so joyful and celebratory"

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      Please note anyone called Benny will be ejected without rhyme or reason.

    6. Uncleskinny
      "Who's popular right now?"
      "Sam Smith, Sir. Ed Sheeran is still selling though"
      *rubs hands like Mr. Burns*
    7. Anonymous
      Morrissey just called me a very bright person and he's absolutely right. :) I just love him! :)

    8. Surface
      He says - There are no bands or singers who become successful without overwhelming marketing,” but there are, he is simply not close to whats happening. There is a band from round our way called The 1975 who are selling out Brixton Academy, without the power of marketing.

      Still can't get my head around why people would want to see Ed Sheeran at Wembley though?
    9. Mrs. Phyllis Torgo
      Mrs. Phyllis Torgo
      The 1975 is signed to Polydor, Vagrant (BMG) and Interscope....

      Yep, no marketing at all.
    10. Surface
      Yes, they were signed because they gigged a lot and built a folowing, just like the Smiths. my point is that he makes sweeping statements when there a still a lot of bands who get success through hard work, The 1975 being one of them.
    11. Famous when dead
      Famous when dead
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    12. ACTON
      He just summed up his entire life when he said:
      'It’s my life, at the expense of everything and anything else. I am not a performer. I am not an act, and this is not a career.'

      How often do you get crisp, matter of fact statements like that from anyone these days?
    13. Johnny Barleycorn
      Johnny Barleycorn
      Watching the cover version of Rose Garden the other night it occurred to me that it was the first time in many, many years Morrissey has made me even crack a smile. The relentless negativity of Morrissey over the last decade has been debilitating. To paraphrase the bloke in the red jumper from last year, shut up and sing. That's what you're paid to do.

      The last decade has seen Morrissey go out of his way to make inflammatory and ill-informed statements on a range of issues, seemingly just to keep up his profile. No-one has been safe, be they suicidal nurses, victims of terror attacks and all points between. His PR has been even worse than his music since Quarry, but to now seemingly claim his dry wit is somehow misunderstood, or only for those as brilliant as he, is ridiculous.

      It would be more honest if he admitted his dry wit evaporated some years ago, replaced by a petulant, snarling cynicism. People often claim his message hasn't changed since the 80s. Perhaps. The delivery of that message, however, has, and it has been disastrous for both his current career and his ongoing legacy. He claimed in an interview a few days ago he spoke for the people of the world, and that ordinary people thought just as he. The sheer delusion of it is breath-taking, verging on mental illness.

      He bemoans the lack of label interest while attacking the industry for being fake to the core. This news just in: the music business has been fake from the get go. You would think a man who spent the early part of his career miming on Top of the Pops might have noticed.

      If he is really hoping to go down the no-one understands me route this late in the day that would be a final humiliation. At least have the balls to stand by it. He said what he meant and he meant what he said. You don't have to be clever to support what Morrissey stands for today. You have to be a fool.
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    14. Anonymous
      Stephen you silly little fool
    15. Surface
      I agree with a lot of what you what you say. Imagine if he accepted he is 56 and looked at and talked about the world as a 56 year old, maybe things would be easier on the ear. To some extent there are things he says that I still agree with but theres an awful lot I don't. An example being the Royalty - yes when I was young it was fuck the Royals, now I appreciate whet they do for the country. Christ, I have young kids now and they can't wait to see William and Kate as the new King and Queen, wonder how they would view me pogoing the The Queen Is Dead!!
    16. BrummieBoy
      He's just a tired old trollop who cant' stop trolling. It's both sad and fascinating. If he'd have lived a life congruent with his earliest lyrical insights, he'd be completely unassailable as the guiding light of popular culture for centuries to come. Sadly, he's capsized in a shipwreck of vanity, biliousness and mendacious lies about Animal Rights. He's destroyed himself but will, as always, blame everyone else. Who cares? Enjoy his beautiful voice on those songs that don't now suck of hypocrisy and thank the fates that your life didn't end up in such a dismal cul-de-sac.

      The Ghost Of BrummieBoy
      watching T In The Park [Hot Chip covering Bruce Springsteen....*rollseyes*]
    17. BrummieBoy
      They can give away WPINOYB as a freebie along with their silly paper. Come on, Morrissey! Let the British people get access to your music via the NME. You used to rule them then they rebelled, now you're both irrelevant. It's wonderful!

      The #bitterandtwisted ghost of BB wishing Hot Chip would fuck off from my telly screen.
    18. Anonymous
      lol the 1975/had tons of marketing
    19. BrummieBoy
      He has spent 33 years in pursuit of 'global, religious fame' and failed to achieve it. His tenure equates to a full Civil Service Career. Johnny Marr jumped ship for love, family, musical adventures and #GetALife leaving the tragic clown carcass/carapace of Morrissey Inc to troll the world for decades, releasing ever more vapid nonsense before the brief reprieve of WPINOYB, which was promptly buried in a bucked of his bilious vomit.

      He is a bad pantomime act puporting to be a 'cracked actor'. His is a pseud and a crank-fraud and tonight he realises that the 17k people duped into his concert at the O2 Arena have today voted with their feet and their wallet by profoundly ignoring his opening ticket sales day for Hammersmith. I assume Hull Arena is similarly bereft of interest but can't be arsed to investigate. How it must grate and torment him to watch Ed Sheeran sell out 3 nights at Wembley and 2 at Croker simply by singing his songs. In Morrissey's tormented mid-brain he imagines he should be playing Wembley Stadium and Croke Park. He comforts himself that the reason he isn't is some vast conspiracy when the truth is he is of limited interest to anyone outside his delusional fan cult.

      It's been a wonderful day to watch The Comeuppance of Morrissey. LOL!

      best wishes
      bitter, twisted ghost of BB.Etc. *rollseyes*
      [WTF is this nonsense on T In The Park? Chipmunk-Helium dub-step? *sigh*]

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